Photo #1 - My 1st Tank....please Rate :-)

16 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My 1st tank....Please rate :-)
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Photo Caption: My 1st tank....Please rate :-)
16 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My 1st tank....Please rate :-)

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Country: United Kingdom
Description: 16 gallon bow sided tank (It was 2nd hand so the brand is unknown)....Classica 100w Heater, a Fluval U2 Underwater filter.
Advice: 1st of all do lot of research...When you get your tank let it cycle properly....Patience is a virtue!!!! Regular water changes 15-20% weekly. Regular water tests is also advisable aswell....You can test your water with 1 of the various test kits currently on the market, i personally use the test strips made by API. Never overstock your fishtank (less is more) it increases the chance of diease & it can stress your fish & eventually lead to death, your fish will thank you for the swimming space anyway....NEVER overfeed your fish!!! Work out how much they eat & only put in as much as they can eat in 5-10 mins....Good house keeping is is a must when keeping fish.
Fish Kept: 2 Mollies (Female pregnant again!!!)6 Neon Tetra, 3 Plattie's, 1 Yellow gourami, 3 Fancie tailed Guppies & a Bristle nosed Pleco....2 Apple snails & babies & numerous Trumpet snails....Soon to be getting a colony of Red Cherry Shrimp aswell because they look cool & will make a good addition to my clean-up crew.
Corals/Plants: Anubis, cant remember the other plants name. Will be adding some Java Fern soon.
Tank Size: 16 gallons
Quote: If music be the food of love then let the music play on.
About Yourself: I got into fishkeeping due to my gf who has previously had tropical fish...Tbh I wasn't that keen on having them at the start & I didnt know nothing about keeping fish, but after alot of research we now have our tank set up now, I would say to anybody thinking about getting fish is to STOP THINKING & GET SOME!!!!!


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