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State: Ohio
Country: United States
Description: This is my 55gal. tank I just got a 48" 4x65w 260W total Power Compact Lights, also Fluval 305 (260gph) (great filter i recomend) and a whisper2 cartridge filter (90gph). Sea clone 100 protein skimmer (has maxi-jet 1200 pump not sure on gph), power sweep 226 (190gph), hydor koralia2 (600gph) power heads. Lost count on amount of rock.. some was baught dry, some wet. about 55lbs dry and another 40lbs wet.. so im guessing around 100 lbs. Tank has been runnin for about 2years. Soon to come corals and fish.
Advice: just stick with it, ive been pretty lucky and havent had any big problems yet.. but i can say take your time, and dont rush.
Fish Kept: i have 2 ocellaris clowns, 2 green chromis, a few small hermit/cleaner crabs, and some snails
Corals/Plants: toadstoal, and small green star polyps
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: Remember dont tap the glass, your fish will think you're an idiot
About Yourself: ive always enjoyed fish i had a 10gal freshwater tank for about a year, found out my grandparents had a 20 gal long tank sitting around so i took that and had both tanks going for another 2 years. finally got some money and baught my 55gal. started it with freshwater trying differnet types of fish for about a year. finally made the leap into saltwater, havent looked back since. been enjoying the experiance for a little over 2 years now. had alot of money problems and havent had the chance to get the tank stocked the way i really want to yet but crossing my fingers i hope to get it going the next few months. also looking to upgrade a little to a 60 gal display tank, really wana get more into this hobby, i still feel theres ALOT to learn.


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