Photo #1 - 500 Litres (1.5 X 0.65 X 0.65 M) African Specias ...

500 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 500 Litres (1.5 x 0.65 x 0.65 m) African specias only
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Photo Caption: 500 Litres (1.5 x 0.65 x 0.65 m) African specias only
500 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 500 Litres (1.5 x 0.65 x 0.65 m) African specias only

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Country: South Africa
Description: 500 Litres (round corners) Jebo just completed. Lighting - 2 actinic blue 2 coral life tubes with individualt chrome reflectors. External 1100 l/hr bio-canister filter with a fine water spray system, 1 internal Astro (large 500 l /hr flow), 300 W heater, UV Sterilizer with 400 l/hr powerhead. Crushed coarse coral, beach rocks and few artificial plants.
Advice: Congrats to all fish keepers (especially for those Oscar lovers) - but no matter of what fish we keep / breed or whatever size of tank or goldfish or Betta bowl we have, we must be proud of our love towards these creatures. The most important is to keep the fish happy and healthy. Depending of financial status and the space, try to keep a tank as larger as possible (less maintenance) and KEEP THE TANK AS REAL AS POSSIBLE (avoid any un-necessary items / decorations like plastic toys, corals, skulls, sunken boats, sharp edged rocks, etc) and guarantee that your tank will look better. Try to hide as much as possible the filtration systems, heaters behind large size plants or rocks (volcanic rocks are the best and safe). Good luck and God bless
Fish Kept: Mbunas 12 Cobalt Blue Zebras (4 males – 8 females) 7 Red Top Zebras L.Trewasae (2 males – 4 females) 5 Electric yellow Caeruleus 2 Green Caeruleus 7 Red Zebras (4 females – 3 males) Peacocks – 8 females to 5 males : Aulonacara Saulosi /Aulonocara Koningsi/ Aulonocara Stuartgranti Maleri – orange /Aulonocara Steveni Usisya 6 x C. Borleyi (red fin Kandango) 4 x Frontosa Planning to introduce 6 C.Moori (Blue Dolphins)
Corals/Plants: Substrate - crushed coarse coral Artificial plants
Tank Size: 500 gallons
About Yourself: This is my 2nd tank besides the 220 galon (built in wall) Oscar / Green Terror tank. I'm 30 years into this hobby, a very adictive (and quite expensive) but very much rewarding and relaxing. ADVICE: Before getting into such, the larger the tank - the better. Pleasre read a LOT, get as much advice from the professionals, spend money and buy the adequate equipment (concentrate on the filtration system - especially when deciding to keep Malawis / Tanganyikans), and keep the tank decoration very real to the natural habitat


hey pitvull if u still loking for frantosas ..i'm selling my 10... let me know if you interested ,,there;s pics on gumtree if u wanna see them... search under (malawi) frantosa for sale ....cheers bru fish avatar
hey pitbull.... frantosas in cape town isn't a prob hey .. i've just added three more .. so there's a total of 10 in the tank now aim is to eventually just have frantosa, moori eye and other tangenican fish in the tank... there must be a way one can get the fish to u .. fish avatar


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