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State: Montana
Country: United States
Description: I have 3 community tanks, a 15 tall at work, a 55 long in my living room and a 90 in my office which is currently emply but working on setting up as an African cichlid tank, Lake Malawi & Victoria. I have had my 55 the longest (3 years) and am swiitching it over to a planted tank which is now complete.I use a Rena XP2, a Stealth heater, 3 airstones, and I use the Seachem ammonia, and PH in tank indicators.
Advice: Research, research and research some more as I have know way too many people who mix the wrong fish together or don't cycle their tanks and wonder why all their fish died...
Fish Kept: In my 15 tall at work, I have 8 neon tetras, one angel, 2 cories, 2 dwarf pleco. In my 55 I have my surviving male krib, 1 angel, 3 cories, 3 otos, 9 black neons, 3 rasboras, 7 bloodfin tetras, 3 bosemani rainbows, 3 hatchets. I have no fish in my 90 yet as it is a project which I was turned on to looking at your site one day and the African cichlid tanks were #1, and #4. Cool fish! I have just finished my BG and installed 90% in my 90 so we are getting closer. I also have an 18 tall with about 30 baby kribs in it.
Corals/Plants: My 55 is now a planted tank -see description, my 15 and 18 just have plastic plants in them. My 90 will have real plants too.
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: "Jesus sweated blood over the task that lay before him. He could have escaped his brutal execution at any time, but he didin't..He stayed there for you."
About Yourself: I had a fish tank when I was a wee child but left the heater on overnight and killed all my fish. I was devastated. My hubby and I after raising our daughter decided to adopt two older siblings. To help teach them about responsibility my son got a betta to care for (and my daughter a parakeet). I fell in love with this hobby!! A neighbor was moving and had a 55 gal with stand and all equipment and wanted to give it away. No one else wanted it so I thought sure I'll try it with a big tank! We all LOVE it! It is so peaceful to come home to or when one is not feeling well to just sit and watch the fish. I work as a medical social worker for oncology which can be emotionally draining and so I really enjoy the calmness of the tank. We have also really enjoyed raising fry when we can. The on swordfish I have in my 55 is one of our babies. They didn't usually live in tank as my angel (who has passed on) used to eat them and I think the gourami did too. The kribs are awesome parents and have been fun to watch them protect the fry even with the divider in the tank!


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