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Photo Caption: My first tank ever owned its freshwater despise the salt tank look.
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55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My first tank ever owned its freshwater despise the salt tank look.

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State: Michigan
Country: United States
Description: 55 gallon tank two hang on filters one tetra other cascade 300 and a pond UV filter rated for 1000 gallon fresh water system over kill but results are amazing recommend by a very experianced aquarist I deal with. eventually I'll be forced into a bigger tank. The balas are nice with sand the constantly turning the sand keep debry stirred up from settling and filters pick it up I have one set close to the bottom other set higher in the tank this is my first tank ever and has been a huge learning experience for me and would love to challenge the choirs of a monster tank now lol thanks for looking
Advice: Best advice do your home work on others experience with tank and ask questions!
Corals/Plants: No plants
Tank Size: 55 gallons
About Yourself: Well kinda funny how and why I decided to do a tank. Every one I know that have tanks are just well not attractive some dirty and excuses of why are endless so I started reading on keeping tanks clean and stunning i wanted it to pop in beauty when folks walked in and seen my tank and for the to just stare into it. So I decided to challenge it and these pics are my results.


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