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Photo Caption: This is my current tank, It is a lower delta tropical pond setting and the plants are all matured for about 3 years now.
80 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - This is my current tank, It is a lower delta tropical pond setting and the plants are all matured for about 3 years now.

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Country: Singapore
Description: My tank is 120cm by 50cm by 50cm and is basically a planted freshwater tank with bogwood and a base of fertilizer covered with coral sand and topped off with big grain sand particles. I use 3 120 cm long daylight brightness flourescent lamps which i made myself and two ehiem external filters, one a nechanicaal filter and the other is a wet and dry biological filter. For the plants i use a carbon dioxide tank releasing carbon dioxide at about 1 bubble every second since my plants are tropical plants. I also use a reactor that is attached to my mechanical filter and my tank to mix the CO2 into my tank water. Another thing i have additionally are two fans on top of my tank to cool the water and keep it at about 27degrees celsius, since in singapore the temperaures can get too hot..
Advice: make sure you are systematic and do things at proper intervals, it is very tempting to dump everything into a new tank on the first day, i used to do that years ago and i lost many fish and many plants. make sure you properly mature the tank water and biological system of your tank over a minimum two week period before introducing your expensive fish and sensitive plants into the system.. and compatibility is very important.. not everything that looks good is actually going to survive in your tank. if you are using fish and plants from the tropics, do not add in a temperate species to look good.. they will not adapt well and whether fish or plant they will die quickly..
Fish Kept: Angelfish, golden otos, baby puffers, many types of tetras..
Corals/Plants: mainly hardy tropical ferns
Tank Size: 80 gallons
About Yourself: I am a electrical engineer by trade, but i have been into freshwater tanks for 12 years now. i started out with just small fish tanks for cool fish i liked and then i got a 4ft tank with chiclids and parrotfish that really started me into the hobby.. not venturesd into marine tanks yet, but i guess i am not really a fan. always preferree freshwater. My current tank has been around for about 3 years now, and is mainly a planted tank where the emphasis is on creating a tropical pond enviroment with the types of plants and fishes that you find there.. i am still learning everyday but i have to say the satisfaction of seeing a tank that is doing well is very difficult to match.


I've always liked your tank the best among the top ten jus sayin. fish avatar
I think this is gorgeous. You really have an eye for design! fish avatar


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