Photo #1 - 75 Gallon American Cichlid Tank 2 Blue Acara 1 ...

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Photo Caption: 75 Gallon American Cichlid Tank 2 Blue Acara 1 Green Sev 9 Firemouth Meekis (growing out) 8 Tiger Barbs 2 BN plecos 3 julli (trilineatus) cories
75 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 75 Gallon American Cichlid Tank 2 Blue Acara 1 Green Sev 9 Firemouth Meekis (growing out) 8 Tiger Barbs 2 BN plecos 3 julli (trilineatus) cories
freshwater fish - thorichthys meeki - firemouth cichlid stocking in 75 gallons tank - Firemouth Cichlid Parents protecting young fry from my finger.

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State: Ohio
Country: United States
Description: s
Advice: Read up on fish species before adding to your tank. Make sure they are compatable. And study the fish at the LFS. If they don't look healthy dont buy them!
Fish Kept: Blue Acara breeding pair Firemouth Meeki Breeding Pair. And now a bunch of babies. Rainbow cichlids BN Plecos Tiger barbs Julli (trilineatus) Cories
Corals/Plants: Java moss
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: Fish keeping is damn addictive!
About Yourself: Young business major trying to find my dream job. Got into the hobby about 3 years ago in college with a little 5 gallon. I now have a 75 gallon and a 20 gallon long. And I love cichlids!


hi, your tank is awesome, love the natural look and your touch adds so much character , I can imagine your fish must love it and feel very ''at home''. I have a 54g corner which I just re-scaped and had a few things from your tank in mind when I did. Of course the tree trunk is amazing, but I also love your caveing, too cool . Nice tank , G. fish avatar
Great looking tank! Very natural.. fish avatar
Xavier, Awesome tank! Is that a little build of caves with slate on the right half there. Awesome stuff. I have been thinking about adding another 75 gallon with some Cichlids and if I do I will draw some inspiration from your great tank setup! BTW I am adding pics of my tank with the background readded as suggested on the tank so you can see it with it if you like. fish avatar
Thanks Christofrontosa. The stump is real. I went searching some of the creeks around Ohio for it. My uncle who is a horticulturist of sorts says thats its Japanese Honeysuckle but hard to tell considering the bark was all washed off in the creek. fish avatar
i meant to say i like the tree stump in the tank. is that real or fake? i believe your tank should be number 1. really beautiful! fish avatar
very nice looking tank. i love the stump on the tree stump. fish avatar


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