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Photo Caption: 75 Gal Freshwater- Wanted natural tank. Had to put my foot down on the sunken ship - and won! Feedback appreciated.
75 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 75 Gal Freshwater- Wanted natural tank. Had to put my foot down on the sunken ship - and won! Feedback appreciated.

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State: Tennessee
Country: United States
Description: 48" x 18" x 18" All-Glass wiht 48" DLX Flo strip light. Magnum 400 HOB and Eheim 2217 Cannister (better too much than not enough) Came with 2 Magnums, I repalced one with the Eheim and kept the other as a backup.
Advice: DO YOUR RESEARCH. And when you think you've done enough, do some more. I learnd the hard way, don't always count on what your LFS tells you. Even a used tank has to be cycled - I got some initial bad info and paid dearly for it - in $ and the poor fish! In life, it's "Live and Learn". With Aquariums, it's Kill fish & learn! Aquariums are supposed to bring down your blood pressure - I stayed stressed for 6+ weeks due to misinformation. So learn from others mistakes, do your research, and then once you get it going - ENJOY IT! Now 10 weeks into it and lovin' it!
Fish Kept: 1 - 4" Chocolate Pleco (Wonka) 1 - 3" Red Tailed Shark, yet to be named 2 mixed Angels 6 Red Eye Tetras 10 Black Neon Tetras 6 Rasboras (the LFS had them listed as Redline or Red Tail Rasboras, but I've not seen them called that anywhere else. They have red tails and black and yellow stripes on their bodies.) The Rasboras and Tetras have a blast swimming under the current of the Eheim input bar. It puts out quite a stream and they swim back and forth under it like a game of chase or follow-the-leader! Have 1 more fish to get - a Roseline Shark. It's a $40 fish (one we lost early on) - so will wait a couple more weeks, just to be sure all is well.
Corals/Plants: Silk & Plastic plants. Wasn't ready to tackle the real ones just yet.
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: “If you want to be successful, it's just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.” -Will Rogers
About Yourself: I've done Woodworking (Scrollwork Art) for about 4 years and also do some gardening. My husband mentioned an aquarium for a Christmas gift idea and then backed off saying it would be too much work. But I started researching and got the bug. Found a used tank for a really good deal and talked him into it! And, yes, the upkeep is a MUST, but not a "chore". Now I have 3 hobbies (4, if you count my husband) and a full time job. Life is GOOD!


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