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Country: United Kingdom
Description: 350lt corner tank, 100 watts t5 lighting, proflora co2 with ph controller kept at a ph of 6.8, under gravel heating coupled with a 400watt heater, fluvel 405 filter and a rena 400 incase for some reason i need it but don't. built my own tank backing wall and cave with cut down slate, not the best but i'm working on it lol.
Advice: read, read ,read
Fish Kept: 3 silver sharks,1 red tail black, 12 tiger barbs, 1 queen golden nuget plec, 1 pimolodius pictus cat,m+f firemouths, m+f kribs, 1 flying fox, 3 cory's, some swardtails, 5 five banded barbs
Corals/Plants: all sorts
Tank Size: 80 gallons
Quote: The buggers are biteing me
About Yourself: farther kept fish when i was a child in a 6'x2'x2', we had two huge snakeheads that would eat a small child lol, after that a red tail cat, then grew a 3' arrowana. then after 15 years the tank broke and we ended up swiming, then turned the tank around and put a snake in it, p.s for 2 year the juvenile snakeheads were in a 4' tank at the bottom of my bed till i started getting wet in the night(my feet wet from the larger fish going mad in the night, not bed wetting you understand)


your tank is amazing i gave it 1o. ur fish look happy and healthy. i just wanted to ask how you got your plants to attach on the the rocks fish avatar


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