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State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Description: 150 gal long 6'x18"x28" single 4ft strip rena canister filter plus coner over flow 3 x 300watts visa threm heaters driftwood silk plants
Advice: to the beginner in this hobby do your research first on the fish you want to keep get the biggest tank you can start with and the best filters you can afford. Read a book its the best way to get info cause sometimes the internet can give more opinion than fact
Fish Kept: just about every thing from guppies to sharks
Corals/Plants: i like silk over plastic cause they give a more natural look live plants are nice to but be prepared to take care of them also driftwood river rocks slate i dont like fake wood or rock. Saltwater setups depends on what route you take
Tank Size: 150 gallons
Quote: sometimes fish die
About Yourself: i have been in the hobby for my whole life my fathers was in it so i guess i picked it up from him im 34 i love it its my passion i have never been without a tank i always had atleast one setup my dream as a small boy was to open my own shop and about 4 years ago i did i am a hobbyist first and that how my shop was ran i can talk about fish fish for hours but do to the bad times i was forced to close but i will reopen soon so if there is anyone looking for the right info on fish just ask see if i can help and the best bit of advice i can give is water changes thanks rob


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