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55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - full picture of my tank, sorry it is taken with a cell phone
Submitted By: Aaron on
Photo Caption: full picture of my tank, sorry it is taken with a cell phone
55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - full picture of my tank, sorry it is taken with a cell phone

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State: Kansas
Country: United States
Description: This is my first tank i have ever owned, it is a 55 gallon tank with just a couple of decorations in it. I am looking to find flat rock to make caves for the cichlids that i am accruing in the tank. The flat rock is a very good idea that i have seen a few times in different pictures, and i would like to try it to better my fish tank. For now i only have three fish, i just started my tank less than a month ago, i am waiting for the fishi i have now to get used to their surroundings.
Advice: Research, research, research
Fish Kept: 3x parrot cichlids More to come!!
Corals/Plants: 6x artificial plants 1x live plant 5x decoration pieces
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. Marines don't have that problem. Ronald Reagan
About Yourself: My name is Aaron Kinder, I am a United States Marine, i enjoy my career as much as anyone could, and i recommend the United States military as a career path for anyone (ecspecially the Marine Corps!! hoorah!!!) I started with this fish tank because my sister didnt want it anymore and called me to ask if I wanted it. I had never had a fish tank before and didnt really know what i was doing, but i accepted. I picked up the fish tank and took it home, got it all cleaned up and fixsed the stand which she had broken and not told me about... by the time i got that done i ended up moving so i couldnt yet set up my tank. after i got moved and everything was setup correctly i started work on my tank, i bought some artificial plants for it and some decor that i thought was pretty nice and simple. when i went to the fish store and got to talking to the owner, i soon found out that my tank did not have what the fish i were wanting to get needed. so i only bought three to start, my 3 parrot cichlids. i looked at alot of different ideas before i finally found one that i liked for my tank. i saw a picture with alot of rocks stacked to cover the back wall and make caves to allow the fish to designate their own territories, which is what i needed for a tank with aggressive fish, so i have finally found an idea that i like.... now i just need to find the rock. thats where im at


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