Photo #1 - My First Freshwater Tank At 8 Weeks

100 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My first freshwater tank at 8 weeks
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Photo Caption: My first freshwater tank at 8 weeks
100 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My first freshwater tank at 8 weeks

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Country: United Kingdom
Description: My tank is 4x2x2 feet and holds 100 gals when full to the brim. I used this tank for marines for the last 5 years but decided to change to Malawi Cyclids. It was cleaned out using white vinegar and a pump was left running in the tank for 3 days with 6 gallons of white vinegar topped up with about 80 gallons tap water. This was drained and flushed with tap water several times and lastly jet washed. I initially kept the salt water sump, but there was too much noise from the water dripping into the sump, so I have filled an external filter. The return to the tank is connected to my original spray bar 25 mm and my tank to filter flex pipe goes down one of the original 32 mm pipes. The other tank return pipe (32 mm) I have left the gate valve on and I use this for draining water for a water change (lazy way). My temperature is controlled by a STC100 unit set at 25deg C and there are 2 300W heaters in the tank. These were renewed every 2 years in the marine setup and still have 1 year left to run. I have put 2 mm gravel in the bottom with some large rocks at the back together with some plants. It has only been running 6 weeks and still has a bit of Nitrite (0.1) Nitrate 10, Ammonia 0, Ph 8.0, Kh 9.5.
Advice: Keep it simple and clean. I don't look at it as keeping fish, to me it is keeping water and the fish make it nice to look at.
Fish Kept: Nyasa Peacock, Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid, Electric Yellow Cichlid, Jack Dempsey, Common Pleco
Corals/Plants: Not to sure of the plant names. I will find out as I go along.
Tank Size: 100 gallons
About Yourself: I only started keeping Marine fish about 10 years ago after my wife passed away. Wanted something to make my life worth something. I am 71years old at the moment so I didn't want too much bother with making salt water and RO water. Tap water I can manage. The last job I had was as a Funeral Director for the last 15 years of employment. My life now is golf, fish and holidays.


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