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Photo Caption: This my dad's and my 55 gallon fish tank, at the moment we dont have many fish, there is a pleco kind of visible in this photo (by the rock) and there are three convicts (one is by the dutch shoe on the left) and a red zebra hiding.
fish tank picture - This is my 10 gallon fish tank, see the long thing on the filter, thats my 9 inch pleco...dont worry!! he is only temorarily in there (i will only keep him in there for 12 hours) because my tank is having an algae problem =S He is the only fish in there at the moment (besides the fry in the breeders net), and he lives in my 55 gallon tank with his family of cichlids =)
55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - This my dad's and my 55 gallon fish tank, at the moment we dont have many fish, there is a pleco kind of visible in this photo (by the rock) and there are three convicts (one is by the dutch shoe on the left) and a red zebra hiding.

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Country: Canada
Description: I have a 10-55 gallon fish tank, the 10 gallon has a TetraWhisper filter, and the 55 gallon has a AquaTech 30-60. I only use plastic plant, as live plants will not fit into my budget.
Advice: Always cycle in your tanks!! And when adding new fish, let them adjust to the water temperature by floating them in bags for 15 minutes.
Fish Kept: I have kept guppies, mollies, plecos, cichlids, bettas, goldfish, tetras, and snails.
Corals/Plants: Plastic!! becuase they dont die, or get eaten.
Tank Size: 55 gallons
About Yourself: I got my first fish when i was about 5, and i named it sleepy purple, it soon died and i got another which i name sleepy red, then came sleepy blue, followed by sleepy green... (they were all bettas and because bettas are not very active i thought they were all just very sleepy). After my last fish died when i was about 8 i forgot about them, until i was about 14 then i discovered goldfish! i kept them in jars and they would last about a month (i didnt know that they let off high amounts of ammonia, which was causing them to die) I continued to get goldfish until anout 10 months ago when i got my first acual fish tank (my 10 gallon) i started with goldfish (and i still have one (its a fancy tail)) after about 3 months all but two died, so i got my first guppy and put it in with the goldfish. Big mistake! my goldfish ate my guppys, so i got snails.... my goldfish also ate those... i have learned to strongly dislike goldfish now (except for the one i have right now, which is in his own 4 gallon tank) So lately i have been sticking with guppies, i have 6 baby fry!! and i love them, but my adults got eaten by a cichlid. Its a funny story acutally... i had just bought 3 cichlids for my 55 gallon tank and was housing them in my 10 gallon for the night, i had put my guppies in a mesh breeders net (also in the 10 gallon) and i thought they would be fine because the net was between them and the cichlids....WRONG!! the next morning i notice that my guppies looked like they were dying.... so i was watching them and all of a sudden my red zebra cichlid comes up grabs some of the breeders net in his mouth and my guppie!! i was horrified!! and that was the end of my guppy. So now my cichlids are in thier own 55 gallon tank and i am getting some new fish this week. Well your about up to date on where i am in the fish world now =)


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