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Photo Caption: Lysmata amboinensis

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Country: Italy
Description: This time i would like to make a "natural" tank, so corals are the same that in my old tank i haven't put any new coral (only 2 - 3), only more space. In this last times i like "free tanks", not a wall with corals and corals.. Tank120cm x 70cm x55 cm 2 tunze 6100 with multicontroller and 1 nanostream 6045. SkimmerATI 200, Calcium reactor LG 1400 (made in Italy ;-) ) 1 lumenarc III and 1 lumenbright with 2 IceCap 250W and 1 lamp XM 10.000 °K and 1 giesemann 12.500 °K, 3 t4 24W sfiligoi pure actinic
Advice: Read, read and read! Patience and passion.
Fish Kept: 1 Gramma loreto 2 Ocellaris 1 Pseudochromis Fridmani 1 Pseudochelinus Hexataenia 1 Centropyge Acanthops 2 Chromis Viridis 1 Synchiropus splendidus 2 Anthias Squamipinnis 1 Neocirrithes Armatus 2 Pterapogon kauderni 1 Ecsenius bicolor 1 Zebrasoma Veliferum 2 Chromis Vanderbilti 1 Valenciennae Strigata
Corals/Plants: Too much to write here ;-) Some acropora, seriatopora, pocillopora,montipora,briareum, favia, sabella spallanzanii, echinopora,etc etc
Tank Size: 100 gallons
About Yourself: 35 years old, live in Como, George Clooney's holiday place ;-)


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