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State: Kentucky
Country: United States
Description: 55gal 48"x13" tank,three aqua culture double airpumps, two single aqua culture airpumps, two single fluoscent tube lights 24" long, aqua culture undergravel filter power by airpumps, whisper 30-60, 8 air control valves, whisper 30-60 gal heater
Advice: the best advice I could give is read all you can about your fish and deseases. And don't try to go out and buy everything for your tank in one shot. Get the equipment you need to start and later by the things you really want !
Fish Kept: I have moved all different types of gold fish to a smaller 30 gallon tank. Now I have two adult oscars into my 55 gallon tank. A bit of improvement, and better for the much larger oscars. and I have a medium sized plecostomus.
Corals/Plants: I use artificial plants goldfish seem to eat or up root real plants. I use natural color gravel brown,black and tan stones. and have among gravel different sized riverstones. I also have a 14" castle that has natural colors so it do not steal attention from fish or rest of tank decorations. but my favorite decorations are my four pieces of fossils. I have five pieces but not use one. The fossils are carbonifeous tree roots. The fossils are from the Paleozoic Era 543-248 million years ago. the pieces of from 6"- 10" long. My wife found them in our backyard. I clean them and soaked them in water for weeks. To be sure they would hurt my fishs. update removed caslte and add the pot bought for Wal-mart
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: 'Life is like landscape. You live in the midst of it, but can describe it only from the vanatage of distance." Charles Linberg
About Yourself: I am a Grocery store assitant manager at a local supermarket. I have been married for seven years and have no children. My wife and I love animals and do little gardening on the side. I have a few other hobbies that would be considered nerdy, but enjoy all them. I started about a year and half ago. when my wife wanted goldfish. my first tank was a five and half gallon tank. over time I got larger and larger tanks. Now I have 2working the 55gal and 30gal and 10gal hospital tank and in reserve that 5 1/2 gallon lol. The 30 gallon tank is tropical. I want to get more serious but my bank roll is small, but in time I will buy what I need and it gives me time to decide the theme.


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