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Country: Australia
Description: Its a 6ft sun sun tank that I've just put new lighting in so the lighting works out about .5 watts per litre. The bulbs are a mix (sun glow, power glow and life glow). I'm running a Co2 system and an ehiem 2078 which is great with the stream function.
Advice: 1. Never buy one of any fish! (with a few exceptions) 2. Seperate the plants you buy try cut the end of each stem in different ways plant them in different areas (shaded no not shaded) and just look and see what works the do that with all the stems, works for me. 3. Try to create as many hiding spots and different types of environment as possible, you're fish will love you for it. 4. Read as much as you can and not just from one place. 5. Pre-plan as best you can then adapt as you go along nature has a habit of doing what ever it whats. 6. try and keep the tank as died leaf free as possible. 6. Enjoy!
Fish Kept: Fish 35xBlack Widow tetras. 3xMales Sail fin mollies. 10xBig female SF Mollies. probable 40 baby mollies of varying batches. 3xBristlenose cat fish and probable 70 babies in ever corner of the tank. 1 pair of Kirbensis and 22 young (lots of breeding pots hidden at back of tank and rock pile on right) 3 Big gold Gourami 2 pearl Gourami 25 Platies 3 Spiney Eels which I rarely see 4 Siamese flying foxes 2 peppered cory dory 4 fat bronzed cory dory Load of glass shrimp (the cleaning crew) A few Gilled Snails Thousands of Malayan Livebearing snails and a load Ramshorns snails which have appeared from no where! And probable a few other things I've forgotten about.
Corals/Plants: Plant wise there are about 50-60 types of plant pretty much every thing I can get my hands on in Australia. Including lots of java moss and riccia which I'm trying to cover the bottom of the tank with.
Tank Size: 148 gallons
About Yourself: Creative brit living in Sydney and loving it.


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