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State: Texas
Country: United States
Description: 120g Oceanic glass tank (48"x24"x24") with trickle filter 75 sump tank. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CPR Continuous Siphon Overflow Box ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 48" Coralife T5 Dual Lamp Fixture (hoping to upgrade soon) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Most rocks (not including the substrate) were found in random locations outside and were individually placed in the tank (after treatment of course). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Cedar Driftwood (also found outside) was soaked, treated, boiled, etc. for several weeks before placed in tank. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is our first tank, and we appreciate all comments and suggestions.
Advice: Research, Research, Research.
Fish Kept: 3 German Red Peacocks 2 Kribensis 5 Jewels 3 Venustus 2 Red Empress 4 Hap Moori 3 OB Zebras 3 Auratus 1 Demasoni 2 Syno Cats 1 Pleco 75+ Jewel fry
Corals/Plants: A variety: Most plants are real, we will replace the artificial plant when the remaining plants grow to a likeable height.
Tank Size: 120 gallons
Quote: 1) Dont tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, dont tell them where they know the fish. ~ Mark Twain ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2) I fully support the goal of species protection and conservation and believe that recovery and
About Yourself: My family back home had the 120g tank just collecting dust. Last summer, my girlfriend and I hauled the tank on TOP of our SUV (because it wouldn't fit INSIDE) through a tropical storm and somehow managed to bring it home safely. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Neither of us knew much about fish, let alone Lake Malawi African Cichlids, but we have had the most interesting time learning along the way. We did - and still do - a lot of research and gather advice from a LOT of people. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I think we found a hobby for life!


like both, with or without driftwood!!nice setup. fish avatar
your water looks clear so i think you must have a great filter. however in saying that, i would say for that size tank you may want to consider another pleco as usually you would have one pleco per 35-55 gallon tank within a few years they will grow to be 18 inches no problem in a tank that size.. Or by adding a few more syno's. wow lots of fry!! that will be alot of fish once they start to grow. fish avatar


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