Photo #7 - My 135gal Baby - All Afican Cichlids. Livinstonii...

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State: Michigan
Country: United States
Description: What you are looking at it 135gal Oceanic reef tank 72x18x25. Custom hood with lighting. Six 6 foot bulbs 3 white and 3 blue. Icecape timers for the lights to simulate day and night. Oceanic sump system, mag drive pump pushing 1600gal an hour with an additional 11" canister filter which holds extra media.
Advice: It is best to know everything there is to know about the fish before you buy it. Eating habit and its natural environment. Also water condition.
Fish Kept: All afican cichlids. livinstonii, rostratus, venustus, (electric yellow,blue), lombardoi, powder blues, (cobalt, pearl, Red,ice blue redtop zebras) orange blossom peacocks and many many more.
Corals/Plants: Can't keep live plants with these guys do to the fact that live plants are in half of their diets. They will eat them. So I have been forced to use plastic plants.
Tank Size: 135 gallons
About Yourself: I have 7 tanks set up all around the house. 135gal, 55gal, two 29gal, 20gal, and two 10gal. I use the smaller tanks for breeding. I myself would rather set and watch my fish than watch tv.


i think i watch my fish more than tv too nice tank fish avatar
Thanks for the comments. More pics to come I made a few changes today with the rocks and a new fern. fish avatar