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Country: United Kingdom
Description: Trigon 350 view some of my other tanks
Advice: Keep it clean! I do 45-50% water changes every week without fail. Also over filter your tanks as much as you can, I put twice the filtration recommended, it keeps the water cleaner, safer and more movement, If you can afford another filter theres no disadvantage
Fish Kept: Theres a few too many to list in my tanks now but basically, Male Only Aulonocara and Haps - Cichlids
Corals/Plants: Plastic Plants, Ive never been a big fan of real plants.
Tank Size: 90 gallons
Quote: Always a Pleasure, Never a Chore
About Yourself: Im am a 22 year old young man who is currently setting up a business setting up and maintaining aquariums in the north west of England.


reef rock is the bomb, will be getting more so i can redo my 55gallon soon for my african cichlids. beautiful tanks, fish. well met. had a red orchid exactly like yours a while ago fish avatar
Just gorgeous... Tank set-up and your beautiful peacocks! fish avatar
nice tank an very nice fish fella.well done fish avatar
one of the best tanks i've ever viewed...AWESOME!!!! fish avatar
Thank You for the kind comments everyone, just found out someones been ripping me off with this picture and is current number 1! How rude! fish avatar
Why is this fish tank not number ONE! WOW Nice Tank! fish avatar
one of the best aquariums i have seen on this website man. absolutly beautiful. i would love to have those purple and gold fish because i am a big lakers fan lol. but great tank looks like you have put a lot of time money and hard work into that tank and its perfect. fish avatar
*******What kind of lighting do you use? I really love your tank and I am looking for the right lighting to make them pop.******** fish avatar
Nice fish avatar
Sorry Ive missed loads of comments. Thanks for all the Kind Comments! I have now setup quite a few other cichlid tanks and a 7ft Frontosa tank. Pictures will be posted soon! As for what I need I feed all my fish exclusively on New Life Spectrum, wether it be my goldfish to my community tropicals to my cichlids I just use the correct type of NLS for the specific fish. fish avatar
Absolutely fabulous. The only thing that could raise a possible objection is the placement of the rocks. I prefer arrangements that form underwater channels and caves. Your arrengement really looks natural, but it seems to be confining the fish to one part of the tank. I hope this will be of help with your future tanks. And NICE work with hiding the equipment (they looked really ugly in previous pictures). If i were a fish i think that i would give it a 6/10 for the ergonomics (i wouldn't like swiiming in the same place with the same pattern all the time), but since i am human, i will give it a 10 for the design and execution and to give you hope to continue your inspiring work! fish avatar
sorry about the repeated message..lol fish avatar
Your tank looks beautiful, it's like a moving Picasso piece. Great collection of Cichlids. I would love to switch to cichlids soon. Any tips on getting my tank ready for these guys? fish avatar
Your fish and tank are awesome. The colors are on point. That's how I want my new 60 gallon to look. fish avatar
i am new to this forum, what do u feed those fish to get such great color and where do u get your fish, send me a message eb462 fish avatar
That looks amazing!! I absolutely love your tank - and your fish! Are they expensive? Can you mix Aulonocara and Haps safely? Thanks! fish avatar
awesome even my wife likes it,and thats saying something fish avatar
Absolutely Beautiful! I just joined this site & forum and currently establishing my 72 gallon bowfront and your set up has inspired me to do the Lake Malawi theme. Your fish are beautiful!!! fish avatar
your tank is nice fish avatar
WOW! I am impressed. Your tank is awesome and your fish are so vibrant and beautiful. You should be really proud, great job:) fish avatar
great tank!! u said this is an all male tank do you have any problems with excessive aggression?? fish avatar
Thought I was looking at a salt tank there for a second. Simply an amazing tank. Your choice in Males has been very very careful, and the result is awesome. Thanks for posting the pics. fish avatar
Everything has been said already so what is left to say is that many people, including me, envy your tank. Great tank and I know it has to be a great show to see it in person. It shold be #1. fish avatar
Thank You very much Shark fish avatar
I am very impressesd with your fish tank it is quite a sight with how much everything pops in your tank. Especially the good color in all the fish and all the great plants that you have placed in your ocean rock to give your tank the great contrast in has! Their is one word for your tank and that is AWESOME. fish avatar
Ocean Rocks they look great and help buffer the water, the only fault I would have with them is that they are a little sharp and fish can hurt themselves on them, but its quite rare. The best thing about Ocean Rock I find is that young fish can spend months swimming inside rock to rock without risk of been eating until they get to a decent size to come out into the open waters. fish avatar
Your tank is amazing, I'm switching back to African Cichlids from Saltwater. I hope my tank can look like that. What kind of rocks are those? fish avatar
Was also just thinking about your point on caves again, the big Frontosa is partial to going into his cave at night, but even though others do have caves I would say they spend 99% of their time out of them, I have found with keeping cichlids over the years most fish who are out swimming in the open waters tend to be happier than fish who spend all day hiding. These fish spend all day in open waters in the wild they are not the rock dwelling Mbuna, in the wild I believe they take cover at night but I also believe this is mainly because of Malawis predators, the fact theres no predators out there to snap these little fellas up at night leads me to believe they dont feel as threatened fish avatar
Yeah theres little caves here and there in the rocks kind of hard to see at that angle picture but they do have their own areas they can go to. With the absense of females in the tank I would say aggression is cut by about 90%, there is no more chasing in this tank than say a community tropical tank. As Im sure your aware knowing alot about cichlids that If the fish wernt happy with thier enviroment I would see the kind of colours visable in the photo. fish avatar
BIG question, you have that much cichlid, do they each have a territory or hideout. Because i only see huge open spaces and cichlid needs their own space to rest at night. And dont tell me they all lay down at the bottom at night lol!!! fish avatar
your tank is beautiful!!! fish avatar
This is a perfect tank ! congrats ! fish avatar
Thanks for all the nice comments again much apprechiated. The Idea was exactly that to create a freshwater tank that was as colourful as a saltwater tank, without as much hassle and with almot more movemtn! The Subtrate is Crshed Coral bud. I have to order alot of my fish online to get the ones I want as there isnt a shop around me that sell cichlids for 100 miles anyway. Im sure there must be a wide selection of online suppliers of cichlids in america, try joining one of the forums Im sure someone will point you in the right direct. I would tell anyone to keep cichlids they are amazing and can rival a Saltwater setup to my mind. fish avatar
I have not had an interest in Cichlids because I have always though they were ugly outside of their striking colors of course. The pet stores in vegas only carry the yellow, blue, and earthtone colors. I have never seen such a variety of colors in cichlids. If I could find a store that carries cichlids like these I may set up a cichlid tank! Your tank is stunning! fish avatar
what kind of substrate is that. is it regular sand? very nice setup u got almost looks saltwater fish avatar
WOW! You have such a beautiful fish tank with such cute fish. :) fish avatar
Thanks very much mate, I cant actually see your tank I can just see a picture of a single fish, can you send me a link? My advice is simple and its the same for everyone, If you dont understand the Nitrogen Cycle, read an article about it on the internet. It will take you about 10 minutes and make you a far better fish keeper, understanding the Nitrogen Cycle allows you to understand whats actually going on inside your tank and helps you understand how to maintain the tank. fish avatar
your tank is swet man an u check mine out give me a lil advise please fish avatar
Thank You very much, alot of work has gone into this tank working out the best combination of lighting and equipment and such. fish avatar
Great looking tank and awesome quality fish. fish avatar


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