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State: Ohio
Country: United States
Description: This tank has been basically used for growing and fragging coral. Notice rocks along the back, coral on the sand. I use the rocks as my filter and a place for the animals to live. My substrate is my growing area. 75 Gallon All Glass oak tank with All Glass 55 gallon sump/refugium. 2 - 7.5 gallon tanks inside the sump for 2 additional refugiums. 2 single bulk head back hung overflows. 2 clear acrylic wet/dry filters. 1Coralife luft air pump. 1 indoor/outdoor light timer. 1 Maxi jet 1000 powerhead just to move water. 1 Coralife digital thermometer. 2 Rio Hyperflow sump pumps. 2 - 46.5 URI Actinic whites VHO's, 2 - 48 URI Actinic VHO's. Ice cap A4 ballast. Rio 1100 skimmer pump on Rio skimmer for 440 gallons. The lights heat the tank to a perfect 78.9 degrees F. 200 Watt Acura 1000 heater for at night in the sump.
Advice: Take your time, don't rush things. Observe your tank daily, know your animals to the point that when water changes occur, you can tell by their behavior.
Fish Kept: 2 True Percula clowns, 1 Blue Dot Goby, 1 Engineer Goby, Black Ray shrimp goby, 5 Green Chromis, 1 Sailfin Tang, 1 Yellow Tang, 1 Coral Banded shrimp, 2 Cleaner shrimp, 1 Red snapping shrimp, 1 Red Pistol shrimp, 1 Camel Shrimp, 1 Peppermint shrimp, 2 Gray ornate camel shrimp, 3 Emerald Crabs, 3 Scarlet hemits, 1 Harlequin starfish, 1 Serpent starfish, 10 blue leg hermits, 1 zebra hermit, 1 red zebra hermit, 20 Nassarius snails, 4 Black tooth snails, 5 Blue Nerite snails,
Corals/Plants: 5 - Strawberry/Pink Cauliflower Coral, pink w/ green eye zoanthids, green zoanthids, gray zoanthids, long lash green zoanthids, 1 Ricordia Blue mushroom, 2 Green mushroom, 4 pulsing xenias, Wood's polyp, 1 Montipora, 5 frags of encrusting pink polyps, Christmas tree worms on Porites coral
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: I don't have ick, so I don't know what to tell ya
About Yourself: Well, instead of about me, about the tank...I use B-Ionic 2 part calcium buffer system, I feed Spectrum M to my fish along with Emerald entree, Phytoplankton, a little flake here and there and occasionally (blendered) fresh shrimp from the grocery store. I occasionally use iron and regularly do water changes. All I really have to do at this point is change the wet/dry's filter media and the pre filters in the overflows - the tank takes care of itself and everybody gets along. Except for the engineer and blue dot goby - the engineer is in the sump now.


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