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210 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 210 south american tank
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Photo Caption: 210 south american tank
210 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 210 south american tank

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: I have two tanks the first is 210 gallon all glass with all glass modern canopy & stand. 4 rio 1100 power heads 2 jager 250w sub heaters 74 in coral life acitinic lite, 2 fluval 405 canister, 2fluval sub filter with micron. my second tank is a 160 gallon oceanson tall over flow flor light canopy & stand combo, all glass model 2 sump & pump oceanson 300 power head.
Advice: go with big tank 55gallon and up start with big fish easy to feed do not die as easy. after you get good with cleaning the tank and water changes and your big fish seasons the tank take your fish back if you like and start buying the fish you love.
Fish Kept: south american 210 gallon 18in silver arrowanna,17in tire track, 8in jack dempsey, 2 9in red devils,12in midas pink,9in tiger oscar,9in lemon oscar,10in sispilum, 6in missip mud turtle its totaly aquatic. second tank 160 gallon african 4 haps,6 peacocks 20 assort africans from all 3 african great lakes, syndontis golden cat, asian red crabs and my pride & joy bleekeri & paratilapia from madagascar
Corals/Plants: 210 black back round blk beauty gravel assort ocean rock 1 really real looking skull . 160 coral gravel assort ocean rock.
Tank Size: 210 gallons
Quote: watch it he"s a jumper
About Yourself: when i was young my uncle had many fish tanks he gave me one and I went down to the creek and caught some blue gill an crawdads and kept them , then as the years went bye i had a 55 gallon plxi glass then my first mature tank 135 gallon that my girl friend of 7 years gave me . so when we broke up i gave her and my tank up .then 2 years ago i started seeing my uncle and bam i was hooked again . now I can afford what i want tank and fish wise. now both my uncle & my daughter work for the best fish store in sacramento called exotic aquarium . i work and manage a food maxx store.


see the thing is you have some huge fish as long as they can fit any fish in their mouth there gone...i guess i would say getting some biggger africans..beacuse my OSCAR and Flowehoen areonly 7 inches and my africans are at least 5 inches so thats why...and youre fish are all basically in the two digits yours its risky youll just have to keep trying!!! fish avatar
you have HUGE fish.... i loike it!! fish avatar
I love this tank. I need one like it. fish avatar


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