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State: California
Country: United States
Description: 80 gallon - TruVu Bowfront - 48 X 15 X 24. Named it "The Amazonian Ruins". - Substrate used - Power Sand, Aqua Soil Amazonia, Aqua Soil Amazonia - Powder - Overflow with wet/dry filter - Pressurized CO2 controlled by solenoid - Coralife Aqualight works on timer - Timer 1 runs solenoid, daylight & Co2 diffuser from 10 am to 8 pm - Timer 2 runs attnic from 7-8:30 am and 7:30-9pm for dawn/dusk effect - Timer 3 runs night light (led) & air pump from 9pm to 7am - Standard heater set at 80F Did fish less cycling (took 2.5 weeks). Currently tank is running over 2 months now but the aquascape was changed many times and the latest setup is 2 weeks old - Miantenance - Monthly - clean overflow, sump - Weekly > Clean the glass, vacuum substrate, do 20% water change. Add water conditioner, medicine & bacteria supplement - Bi weekly > check water parameters & add liquid fertilizer - Daily > Feed fish & add iron trace
Advice: Patience, patience & patience.
Fish Kept: 1 danio 1 pleco (the small ones which gros upto 2-3") 2 mountain minnows 3 discus 3 Ottos 3 SAE 7 Platy (4 were born in my old tank) 12 cardinal tetras
Corals/Plants: Stellata, Rotala Indica, Rotala Macandra, Gaint Val, Cabomba, Star rotala, blyxa japonica, hairgrass, four leaf clover, Sagittaria, java & christmass moss, Ammania gracillis, riccia fluitans and some more plants (not sure of the names...got from friends)
Tank Size: 80 gallons
About Yourself: Relatively new in this hobby and inspired (like many of us) by Takashi Amano. Started my hobby in October 07 with a 2 gallon betta bowl. Here I am trying to setup my first aquascape. I named it "The Amazonian Ruins".


i love it, it's awesome!! 10 from me. great assortment of plants. fish avatar
thank you MissMollie. The idea is to have the full background covered in plants...but becos not all plants grow at same pace, I am pruning the faster ones to keep them in same height...hopefully in a few months everything will reach the top. BTW the tank background in black. It's the light which gave the bluish hue :) fish avatar
I love the way your tank slopes at the front but I think it would look SO much better with a planted background instead of the blue. :) fish avatar


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