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Photo Caption: This is my 240 gallon Malawi tank with about 50 Malawi cichlids and 1 Pleco.
freshwater fish - labidochromis caeruleus - electric yellow cichlid stocking in 240 gallons tank - some of my Mbuna and other Malawi cichlids
240 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - This is my 240 gallon Malawi tank with about 50 Malawi cichlids and 1 Pleco.

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Country: Netherlands
Description: Size: 200x60x75cm, 900 liters, 2 Aqua Pro 4 filters 2,400 liters per hour, 300W Jaeger heater, 36W Sera Blue Sky Royal, 36W Arcadia Marine Blue Actinic. Background, stand and hood homemade.
Advice: start big because you'll always wish you'd bought a bigger one later.
Fish Kept: Iodotropheus Sprengerae, Aulonocara Firefish, Labidochromis Caeruleus "Lion's Cove", Pseudotropheus Lombardoi, Cyrtocara Moorii, Pseudotropheus Elongatus Mpanga, Pterygoplichthys Disjunctivus. total of about 50
Corals/Plants: none
Tank Size: 240 gallons


very nice !! fish avatar
That is a sick a$$ Tank. I will be building a 700 Gal. in the near future...Is your back drop inside the tank or on the outside. Also can you be more specfic what type of expoy you used. Thanks fish avatar
mind blowing. i just luved it fish avatar
Before I sprayed the polyurethane I layed a layer of bricks under the plastic on each side to create indentations on the back of the background. The imprint of the bricks was enough to fit my hoses for my pumps and the heater in it. I think if you want to create custom openings for certain equipment, you could just lay that equipment under the plastic before you spray and you should end up with a custom fit! fish avatar
just wondering what you did to the background to get the equipment to fit. fish avatar
AWESOME fish avatar
I sprayed expanding polyurethane (that stuff they use to insulate walls) on a piece of plastic on the floor, waited for it to expand and dry, then turned it around and pulled the plastic off and let the other side harden. Then I made it fit in my tank and finished it by spray painting it and finally covering it with a layer of two component epoxy resin with some sand sprinkled in it before it dried to take the shine off. fish avatar
What did you make the background out of? fish avatar


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