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Photo Caption: I love my goldfish tank, they are funny little characters! They beg for food all the time.
56 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - I love my goldfish tank, they are funny little characters! They beg for food all the time.

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State: Texas
Country: United States
Description: My tank is a 56 gallon Marineland goldfish tank. I have two Marineland Emperor 280 filters. One green killing machine UV Sterilizer 9 watt. Two lights and a heater.
Advice: My tank has been set up since Thanksgiving 09. I use to work at Petsmart in the aquatics department and at a local pet shop in the fish department. I have quite a bit of knowledge regarding freshwater tanks. But I thought I had bit off more than I could chew, so to speak, when I decided to have fancy goldfish. I understand the cycling process and have cycled a many of tanks. But I have never had such a problem getting a tank to cycle and clear in my life. I tried everything, getting cycled media and cycled water. I tried the bacterial supplements of all kinds. I tried the puritan bags that capture the ammonia and nitrite. But I was completely failing. This last weekend I was almost at my breaking point. We woke up to my tank looking like someone poured a glass of milk in it. My fish were fine, or to the best of my knowledge seeing how I COULD NOT SEE THEM! I went all over town and asked advice. My water tested perfect, so my tank finally cycled (which was good news). But, why oh why was my water like milk? No one could tell me. They said I was overfeeding, well I know that is not true and if I was overfeeding my nitrite and ammonia would be high. So, my husband saw a little UV sterilizer called green killing machine at Petsmart. It was $39.99 and I thought what the H, it could not hurt right? Well everything I had read about UV sterilizers was that you don't need them in a freshwater tank or the "cheap" ones were just toys and did not work. I was at a loss so I decided we would give it a try. Folks the results were TOTALLY AMAZING! Within 48 hours my tank was clearer than the pet store's tanks! The results speak for themselves, my tank is so clear that it looks like a professional is taking care of it! So don't ever let anyone tell you that you don't need a UV sterilizer!!!!! I would highly totally recommend the green killing machine at Petsmart for only $39.99. You will not be disappointed, that is a promise. So to all of you out there that are battling a cloudy tank, take my advice! You will not ever regret this purchase!!
Fish Kept: 15 goldfish: Orandas, Ryunkins, Red Caps, Fancy Tail, Black Moors & Pom Pon
Corals/Plants: Plastic and silk plants
Tank Size: 56 gallons
Quote: How could you not love a fish that can live up to 40 years!!
About Yourself: Pet freak!


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