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55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Welcome to FISH LAND
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Photo Caption: Welcome to FISH LAND
freshwater fish - carassius auratus - oranda goldfish stocking in 55 gallons tank - I have almost "40" tropical fish in my tank, but is my dude introducing.... "BULLWINKLE" one of the coolest LionHeads I got. plus he cleans up as much as he messes up!
freshwater fish - kryptopterus bicirrhis - ghost glass cat stocking in 55 gallons tank - Glass Cats AKA (kryptopterus bicirrhis & k. minor)
fish tank picture - the deconstruction of Fish Land 1, and when i say seperating different color gravel sucks belive-u-me!!! maybe thats where the idea of using the window screen and sand came from. live and learn
fish tank picture - a not so good pic of how the 55 used to look; white gravel,skimmer setup and all of the plants I own.
fish tank picture - In my experience, when dealing with SAND slow and steady is the way to go. so slow in fact, I left the water at this height for about 30 minutes to let the sand settle. and that was after i rinsed and skimmed it in a bucket over and over and over again.
fish tank picture - Light's off, thanks to my girl for the nice camera, it takes goooood pics.
fish tank picture - Light's on
fish tank picture - more of the build,deciding driftwood and gravel placement,also note the use of the window screen mesh...i figured i'll give it a shot.
fish tank picture - Yep!...all the crap! and the 2-10gallons underneath the 55. the stand is real basic but it affords me MORE space, unlike the wood or furniture style.
fish tank picture - one of the final steps before adding (home depot playground) sand.water and construction time of important thing i tried was using window screen under both gravel islands which helps if i want to pick up all of the gravel at once to do a scene change ...if you look close it can be seen under the river rock. plus it keeps the gravel in its place...more pics on the way!!!
fish tank picture - snuck up on a panda cat
55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Welcome to FISH LAND
fish tank picture - picture of island surrounded by sand. i will upload the build pics as soon as i edit them .

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State: New York
Country: United States
Description: 55 gal long seascaped freshwatertank. consist of 1-48" 40 watt light; 1-aquaclear 110, 1-aquaclear 30 power filter (for now)...1-300 watt aquaclear heater,1-whisper 60 bubbler,in-tank thermometer,seachem in-tank ammonia backround as of yet.
Fish Kept: 12-Neon tetras; 4-glo light tetras; 3-Danios; 2-swordtails mollies; 3-dalmation platys; 2-Bloodfin Tetras; 3-Rambosa tetras; 6-panda catfish(cory)2-glasscatfish (Skeletons); 4-Redeye tetras; 2-santation workers (1fantail & 1-lionhead gold fish)....One happy community!
Corals/Plants: 3-Banana plants (only 1 is in tank at the moment) and 2 large swords 4 various pieces of drift wood, 30lbs. of river rock, 50lbs. of walnut colored gravel
Tank Size: 55 gallons
About Yourself: Got into hobby by buying a used fishtank and stand for $50...sweet... and using my imagination with help of my Fience!.


Haha, it's funny that you call the goldfish sanitation workers as they are one of the messiest fish known and require more filtration then most fish because of how much waste they produce, lol. fish avatar


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