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Photo Caption: here's my tank
70 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - here's my tank

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State: Virginia
Country: United States
Description: Tank is 4 foot long 20 inches deep and 27 inches tall. Runs on a 75 gallon Emperior 400 Bio-Wheel Filteration System. Tank is keep warm by a Aqura 1000 temperature thermostat. Temperature can be adjusted by the turn of a button. 8 Different species if fish and 2 turtles.
Advice: Do not go cheap get something that will last. Good equipment means good performance. Let any tank you run, and this is my opinion, but let any tank you get no matter what size, fresh water or salt water run for at atleast 2 weeks if you can for 5 weeks before transfer of new fish to tank.
Fish Kept: Me and my wife have one oscar, one red belly terror, one shovelnose catfish, one silver dollar fish, one sucker fish that is about a foot and 3 inches long, and three other sucker fish that are 6 inches 4 inches, and 10 inches long, there are also two turtles that i caught from the potomac river along with a apple snail.
Corals/Plants: one white coral one brown coral and one regular old rock on the bottom. And a homemade turtle dock so turtles can swim up and relax.
Tank Size: 70 gallons
Quote: check it out


nice tank man and great fish you going to need probaly about a 300 gallon tank for the shovel nose. the guy who said the shovel nose will get 4 feet isnt correct. some do grow that big but only in the wild in huge rivers. you will need a bigger tank but not at least 500 like he said a 250 or a 300 will do for that group of fish. :) its dumb when these guys critisize your tank and all that. but really nice tank bro im sure you already kno u need a bigger one and already planned it before i even told you. just tryna help man. i gave you a 6 if you think thats a fair score. fish avatar
Sorry to say but i think your doing it all wrong first of all it is a red belly pacu the cuzen of the piranha this tank will not last i give it 6 months and you will be looking 4 a new home 4 some of your fish i did the same thing when i was a kid all the way down to the Fruity Pebble gravel i wish you good luck but when keeping fish you need more then luck you need to do your home work then and only then will you and you fish be happy i see much unrest in the future 4 you and your tankthay will splash around untell thay brake the tank or kill them selfs fish avatar
whats a red belly terror from here it looks like puca i know i've had one. fish avatar
you are going to need a HUGE TANK, a tiger shovel nose catfish can get over 4 feet long and needs atleast 500 gallons to itself. fish avatar


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