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Photo Caption: Juwel Vision 260 bow fronted tank, discus based setup.

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Country: United Kingdom
Description: Juwel Vision 260 litre tank in black including cabinet. Original juwel filtration box with additional fluval 301 external filter and spray bar. 300w visi-therm heater. Sand substrate, rooted plants, not weighted cuttings, numerous pieces of drift wood and slate. tropical and freshwater lighting in hood. Pretty simple but nice setup that requires little graft!
Advice: Don't buy tosh. Some fish shops should wear a mask and a striped top! Shop around a little. My tank only cost 150 notes off Ebay, it was only a year old and mint. Should be around £500+, not too bad considering i'm a poor student!
Fish Kept: 4 Discus, 1 angel, 2 royal rams, polka dot loach, yo-yo loach, khuli loach, horse face loach, albino plec, spotted plec. Numerous panda, peppered, albino, bronze, panda cory's.
Corals/Plants: Mixed variety.
Tank Size: 59 gallons


Beautiful...well done! fish avatar
looks good...what did you use as a background? fish avatar