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State: West Virginia
Country: United States
Description: My 90 gallon Chiclid tank with stand and canopy, 3 driftwood logs, 175 lbs of lace rock, two 30-60 gallon air pumps, two 30-60 gallon filters, and two heaters. I also have 6 moonlights on it and African Chiclid sand and plants around the caves and a deep blue sea background. Take a close up look at my tank and feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you think.
Advice: Take your time when setting up a fish tank and make sure you get it the way you want it.
Fish Kept: African Chiclids.
Corals/Plants: Plastic
Tank Size: 90 gallons


Thanks alot. I do a water change every two weeks. When it comes to taking the rock and stuff out i only do it as little as possible.Usually once every three months. fish avatar
That's a stunning tank dude! I don't envy you at cleaning time though lol. How often? fish avatar
Thanks. It is african Chiclid substrate.Yes it takes time and creativity and it never looks even close to the same when you do it. fish avatar
what type of substrate is that. nice layout. must of took some time and creative juices flowing that day fish avatar
Thanks. I would love to have a bigger tank. I just don't have the room for one. Not to mention the wife thinks this one is to big.(LOL) fish avatar
Very nice 90 Gallon thats the same size I started with now I have a 120, 220, 300 and multiple other fish tanks LOL fish avatar
Thanks fish avatar
i really like your tank its clean and has alot of stuff but it all comes together perfectly i give you a 10/10 fish avatar
Thanks, glad u like it. fish avatar
I gave you a 10...that is an awesome looking tank fish avatar
I take it all out. It takes about 3 hours to put it all back in. fish avatar
how do you ever clean the subtrate???? do you empty the entire tank and resculpt? fish avatar


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