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Country: Spain
Description: My aquarium is 63 gallons, 120x50x40 , lighting - 3x30w - Powe rGlo + Aqua Glo + Sun Glo , 2 external filters - Eheim 2217 and JBL Cristal Profi 250 .
Advice: So the most important is a good filtration, not too much feed , and want your fishes .
Fish Kept: Malawi Cichlids (Mbuna)
Corals/Plants: Anubia Barteri Nana + Microsorium Pteropus
Tank Size: 63 gallons


very nice tank !! fish avatar
SWEET tank that's how a tank is suspost to look. It drives me nuts when people make tanks look all fake fish avatar
que bien amigo!! fish avatar
i just have to say that this is possibly my favorite tank o the site. you just such a great job setting it up. it's great to see someone who takes the time and has the patience to do it right. fish avatar
Really awesome tank.... REALISTIC!!!! I really appreciate people who take the effort to create an environment for their fish Tanks like yours you can get lost in when you look at them VERY COOL fish avatar
nice aquarium i want to know how did u set up the rocks and where did u get them fish avatar
Thanks for the comments, anubias are planted in the crevices of rocks . I do not care whether my tank is first or last, I just wanted to share it with the people, I am not concerned for the clasificasion , I like it and i ove my fishes and that is the important , i think ... Greetings and forgive my bad English ! fish avatar
I'd have to say with the diy background you are probably the only tank i see that actually deserves to be in the top ten here. but it seems cabinets are more important than aquascaping in this game! fish avatar
Sigh, Cant believe your tank isn't closer to number 1! Can u tell me how you attach your anubias and ferns to the background? i.e How you secure it in the cracks? I have similar setup with DIY styro background so the advice would be appreciated. Thanks Mate. fish avatar
beautiful, beautiful tank. Love it. Had aficans some years ago, and just loved to watch them go. Good job! fish avatar


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