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State: Nevada
Country: United States
Description: We have a 75 gal rectangle tank with two canister filters one is a rena xp3 rated at 350 gph and the other is a allponds pump canister rated at 275 gph and a 9 watt uv the skimmer is a odyssea ps 75 rated for up to 75 gal I did not realize that until it was ordered the lighting is a 48'' t6 high output with 4 54 watt t6 bulbs and4 moonlight leds. We also have a 24 gal aqua pod it has 4 compact fluorescent and 2 moonlight leds and bulit in filtration very cool little tank
Advice: never give up and enjoy your fish let the whole family be involed if they want to be
Fish Kept: 75 gal 60lbs of live sand and 60lbs of live rock, snowflake eel, blue headed wrasse,pink anthias,fuzzy dwarf lion fish,valentini puffer,5 turbo snails and abought ten hermit crabs we just had to start over on this tank woke up one mournig and everything was dead. In the aqua pod we have about 20lbs of live sand and 20lbs of live rock, one moroon clown whith a bubble tip anenemone, a small true percula clown,a bar gobie, a yellow watchman gobie, a pair of fire fish, also a four emerald crabs two of them are very small, probibly six pepperment shrimp, two turbo snails, and ten hermit crabs
Corals/Plants: just live rock and sand and one bubble tip anenemone
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: you do what you gotta do
About Yourself: My family and I have only been in the hobby for maybe 4 months and we all love sitting after work and watching the fish, My wife and I both work construction I run heavy equipment and my wife runs a water truck and bulldozer, we also have a 9 year old son


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