Photo #1 - 720 Litre Tank New Photo:) I Updated My Pic An...

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Photo Caption: 720 litre tank new photo:) i updated my pic and lost my rating lol, never mind this is a better pic, i just gave it the weekly prune :)
160 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - 720 litre tank new photo:) i updated my pic and lost my rating lol, never mind this is a better pic, i just gave it the weekly prune :)
fish tank picture - as it was four days ago. i created some more space and had a good prune on the new photo

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Country: New Zealand
Description: 720 litre tank not a great photo, it doesnt show the lenght of the tank, i will update as time allows, $30 worth of plants,that ive growen,cut,replanted, cabomba,stargrass,swordplants,large and dwarf types,hair grass,baby tears,etc,etc,tank is just over 6ft long,about 65cm height and width, eheim pro filters,ph 6.8 temp 28c, the tank has real wow factor when viewed thru selective planting, avoid symetry when planting to produce a natural setting, nature is not a neat organised structure and calculated random planting produces a beautifully natural look :)
Advice: A work of art isnt created over night, have a vision and slowly chip away at it, then you'l get there
Fish Kept: 12 assorted discus, 30 neon tetras and 1 whip tail :)
Corals/Plants: many
Tank Size: 160 gallons


thanks bill, will update photos once my 100+ babies are bigger, dont want that flash scaring them :) might post some pics of my other three spawns ,theyre nearly 2.25 months old now, wheres pics of your killer tank? hows the breeding going :) fish avatar
Thanks :) much appreciated, i use no co2 ,instead i plant jbl fertiliser balls thru the substrate before i add plants, ,i also suppliment with liquid fertilisers once a fortnight, im having to move the tank soon and will totally replant into a new layout, sigh :) new pics in 2 months ,should look alot better ,here in nz we seem to be limited in the variety of plants available so it makes it abit more challenging to create something special ,but love the challenge :) fish avatar
Beautiful planted tank! What CO2 set up do you use? fish avatar


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