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64 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - mralgae's planted tank
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Photo Caption: mralgae's planted tank
64 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - mralgae's planted tank

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Country: Ireland
Description: Rio 240L(63.4g) with internal filter removed and eheim 2236 external fitted and standard intake pipe with lily pipe return just below the water level to give a gentle ripple on the surface. Tropica substrate covered in black glass gravel. Pressurised c02 system using fire extinguisher running @ 1bps being diffused by a Spiro 9500 diffuser. Lighting = 2x40waquaglow & 2x40wdaylight. Total of 160w over 240L =2.5wpg pH.6.6, ammonia.0, nitrite.0, nitrate.5, p04.0.
Advice: never give up if things go wrong. everything is fixable
Fish Kept: 5x angels, 3x boesemanni rainbows. 10x neon tetras. 10x ottos. 2x gold gouramies. 6x S.A.Es. 1x L14 pleco. 4x ammano shrimp. 4x zebra danios.
Corals/Plants: Hygrophila polysperma, Vall:Americana, Pogostemon helferi, HC cuba, bacopa australis, Echinodorus macrophyllus, Echinodorus bleheri, Anubias batari:nana, bacopa caoliniana, Echinodorus ozolot, eleocharis acicularis, and I can’t think what else is in there.
Tank Size: 64 gallons
Quote: may your plants grow with you


I can only hope(and dream) that my tank will look this good in a years time! fish avatar
some of you are lame! respect what? everyone and there hard work, this is a beautiful tank and you can not say its better or worse based on looks. and if there is living organisims in the tank(plants and fish soil and what not) then as long as the tank is healthy it is #1 to me, its not about competition or composition you freaks its about haveing a healthy tank, period. its 1st in my book along with the others that sit at the top of the charts. they are all equally great becuase they are all equally healthy. some of you suck ass and are way butthurt. fish avatar
ok, im hoping you can help me. im wondering what type of plant you use for your bottom grass type plant. fish avatar
hi hazrdragon............. the same is said about discus&neons being together. but if the angels are put into the tank after the neons and at a young age there should be no problems. the problems start when you put smaller fifish in after the angels have set a terrotory for them selves and then introduce the smaller fish they will see them as food..... HTH fish avatar
some guy at the fish store told me not to put Angelfishes (2 inch small ones) with Neon Tetras, because they will eat the tetras. ... I SEE THEM TOGETHER HERE!! fish avatar
Pure beauty. Congrats. fish avatar
I comend you on the health of your tank and plants but i have to agree theres little layout.This site does have to work on the rating concept for one if you submit a tank you should not be alowed to vote for your tank had a high rating then a week before they cut out the highest rating i was surpased by a tank that was 3 or 4 places below. seems fishy to me. fish avatar
Excellent setup mralgea, plants are set out superbly. This will have to be my goal for that 10 foot tank I have just built. Oh and by the way, currently there are two 48inch (Aquaglow) T8 lights in it, might not be enough but the plants appear to be growing, will have to wait and see. Barny61. fish avatar
B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! fish avatar
Hey hey, you have a stunning tank there, and I have read your journy on PFK, you sure ending up sorting out your algae journey in a big way. Looks great fish avatar
Have U seen the first place tank? BOOOO! Your tank should be #1! How the heck does this rating think work? WAIT,,,, i guess it really doesnt! It seems the less a tank has been voted for,,The higher the score? WTF? U have my vote! Keep doin what ur doin,Cause its a fantastic tank! fish avatar
@ elcidthe1. the plant on the left is HC cuba, in the middle is hairgrassn Eleocharis acicularis. and on the far right is pogostemon. hope this helps fish avatar
You have a foreground matt plant can I know its name, please fish avatar
very nice tank, i like it a lot fish avatar
Firstly thank you for your comments. Unfortunately I can not post the whole story behind this tank. And can not post urls. But I will be more than happy to discuss the set up on the forum here once you have read all about it. I will start a thread for this tank asap. I never posted this tank to win prizes but to show what a normal planted tank can look like, without all the hype of nanos, ferts and aquascapping this that and the other. Regards Mralgae fish avatar
Beautiful tank- scaping is just fine. Longanlon, you're a bit harsh on your criticism- at least provide some constructive advice amidst your admonitions. fish avatar
I do not see any art in that tank. The plants are nice and healthy, but nothing more. No conception, no aquascape, no idea of the composition. Not a bad tank, not at all, but it definitely does not deserves first place. fish avatar
At least a fellow from AE.:) fish avatar


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