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Photo Caption: If you do not give this tank a high rating please tell me why and what you think it needs.. Thanks.
20 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - I upgraded my 20L to a 29gal with black rock. Sorry about the white line in the photo its the door in background.
20 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - If you do not give this tank a high rating please tell me why and what you think it needs.. Thanks.

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State: Illinois
Country: United States
Description: My redone 20L. Has assorted fake plants driftwood and alot of rocks. Silica sand substrate. Cascade 700 canister filter I believe in over filtration to keep water crystal clear.
Advice: Just keep trying it will all work out
Fish Kept: 1 small common goldfish 6 neon tetras 5 white tip tetras 2 chinese algae eaters 2 ghost shrimp
Corals/Plants: Fake Plants, silica sand, alot of rocks and driftwood
Tank Size: 20 gallons
Quote: Bubble stones suck!!!!! (Use a spray bar better for your fish) :)
About Yourself: I have been keeping fish and turtles for many years, I have two turtles who live in 75 gallon tank everything is custom, I even designed and built the filter for it, do not have to do water changes for at least 6 months and only do so to clean algae, other than that the water is crystal clear at all times, and I have two (one very large) very happy turtles.


Great tank setup. Looks a lot bigger than a 20 gal. tank. I definitely agree with your filtration methods but how is the question. No changes for 6 months? What tpe of canisters do you use? Again, great tank. fish avatar
Very creative! Beautiful setup! There might be something you can coat the silk plants in to keep them from fraying... some kind of plastic or sealant, maybe. Don't know what would be fish-friendly, but it's just a thought. fish avatar
It does look a lot bigger than 20 g. Nice job fish avatar
looks like your craft store plants are a hit...the silk will deteriorate and you'll get little threads all over the tank eventually. but very very nice looking tank. fish avatar
Sand works great, unlike rocks fish waste and food does not get trapped in it, so no need to vacuum the tank, just have good water circulation and it will blow the waste off the bottom. fish avatar
Looks awesome...I am new at this but I was told not to use sand in a freshwater tank. How is it working for you? fish avatar
Sorry I could not find them on walmart site I will look around though. fish avatar
is there anything you cant get at walmart? lol, unforunately we dont have walmart in the uk, do you know if can get them on line? fish avatar
I got the plants at wal-mart in the floral department, I believe they are silk plants. fish avatar
where did you get those plants and what make are they? fish avatar
i love the setup it looks soo clean in there love the rocks and plants look with the driftwood.where did ya get those leave things at? fish avatar
Looks really grate fish avatar


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