Photo #1 - My 5' Long Awesome Fish Tank!!!!

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Photo Caption: My 5' long awesome fish tank!!!!
12 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My 5' long awesome fish tank!!!!

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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: It is a 5' long 6" dim. Tube that sits on a angle. It has a light at the bottom along with a check valve for cleaning, a Bubbler in the middle, and a filter on the top.
Advice: If you want a tank like this just ask, I make them. Put "------SAVE THE FISHIES-------" in the title block or it will get deleted :-)
Fish Kept: Clown Loach, Cat Fish, Craw fish, 2 gold fish, a beta, and some bottom feeders. I really need to get an algae eater.
Corals/Plants: ..
Tank Size: 12 gallons
Quote: Only you can prevent forest fires!!
About Yourself: young and got nothing better to do


exactly what im looking for on this site. Some damn creativity. I dont care if you over stock it or not. I gave you a 10. I agree....figure out lighting. You and your girl look really happy in the picture to the right. (rim shot) fish avatar
Are you people crazy? This tube holds 12 gallons and it has over a half dozen fish in it. Creative, and yes, you're skilled to be able to do this, but make this contraption without fish in it...or else shrimps or snails would be ok. It would look prettier if it were empty IMO, it wouldn't have nasty cloudy water in it from being ridiculously overstocked! fish avatar
very creative but u will prob need a custom made lighting system, if you make dos crazy tanks u should be able to make a crazy lighting system. fish avatar
a little different! i have one similar bit much much wider and vertical. i had a job to decorate it. you mentioned an algae eater, invest in a mag float they are totally brilliant! :) fish avatar
different not sure i like it but hey the thing that counts is that u do. Also more lighting might be nice but how? fish avatar
it would be hard to decorate. Dont liek ti that much, but its very creative! fish avatar
Is it difficult to clean? fish avatar


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