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State: California
Country: United States
Description: Mixed Reef tank with 48'' T5 lighting/ 4 bulbs-54 watts each. 20 gallon sump tank w/ macro algae, live rock and protein skimmer rated for up to 110 gallons.
Advice: Don't buy the expensive corals in the beginning, it takes months if not years to gain enough experience to not screw them up.
Fish Kept: 28. Yellow Tang 29. Flame Angelfish 30. Midas Blenny 31. Psychedelic Mandarin 32. Six-Line Wrasse 33. Pajama Cardinal Fish 34. Clown Fish (2) 35. Orchid Dotty-Back Invertebrates 36. Cleaner Shrimp 37. Pistol Shrimp 38. Sea Apple 39. Hawaiian Feather Duster 40. Other Feather Duster 41. Snails (multiple) 42. Coco worm
Corals/Plants: Corals 1. Montipora capricornus 2. Pulsating Xenia 3. Toadstool Leather 4. Red Kelp 5. Aussie Acan lordhowensis a. Bright orange w/ green b. Pink with white outline c. Red with green strip d. Rainbow e. Mint green w/ bright orange stripes 6. Frogspawn 7. Orange branching spider sponge with white polyps 8. Pearl Bubble Coral 9. Bubble Coral 10. False Rose Anemone 11. Anthelia 12. Neon Green Star Polyps 13. Mushrooms a. Green Rodactis b. Red discus c. Teal with strips discus d. Metallic e. Ricordia florida f. Fuzzy Green Rodactus g. Fuzzy Purple Rodactus h. Red with blue strips i. Flat red dotted j. Silky reddish/maroon k. Dotted purple/blue l. Other mushrooms (left of the tank, behind orange sponge) 14. Yellow Polyps 15. Giant Clam 16. War Coral 17. Sponge a. White b. Pink c. Green/Yellow d. Ball Sponge 18. Zooanthids a. Green b. Multi-colored 19. Reddish-brown Palythoa 20. Green Palythoa 21. Periwinkle Polyps 22. Green favia 23. Green Acropora 24. Multi colored brain coral 25. Purple and green chalice 26. Lobophylia green w/ purple 27. Lobophylia purple w/ orange outline
Tank Size: 75 gallons
About Yourself: I am a college student, I started off with a 20 gallon tank with live rock and a freshwater filter. I soon realized if I was gonna have any kind of life in my tank I would need to invest in better equipment; I upgraded to a 38 gallon tank and bought a crappy Nano Remora protein skimmer. After three years of learning and messing things up, I have a 75 gallon tank with a sump tank, and some pretty awesome corals.


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