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State: New Jersey
Country: United States
Description: Our 46 Gallon Bow Front Tank is cleaned by a Fluval 305 filter (100 gallons / 176 liters per hour). Pebbles and stones (river) at the bottom, and a strip light in the hood.
Advice: Study about the type of tank you want to keep before you buy, and seek advice on which fish to mix together. With Cichlids, it is very important that you select fish that are close in size when you get them, and which will be very similar sizes once adult. Otherwise, these already highly territorial fish may become aggressive toward their smaller tank mates. Check Ph Balance regularly, as well as Nitrate and Nitrite levels (Ni2, Ni3). Plus, remember that overfeeding any kind of fish can be a recipe for disaster. It can cause disease, and ultimately even kill your fish. If you decide to go for aggressive fish such as Cichlidae, bear in mind that they require a significant amount of care. For example, we change 60% of the water once or twice a week. They are river fish and so are used to constantly fresh water. One interesting thing is once you change this much water you will see, as you change the water that they become excited, even to the point that they shake for a few moments. That's fun to see. Cichlids are quite intelligent and can even come to recognise you and love to "pose" for you when you are close to the tank. They even can be taught to eat from you. But, again, they do require much more care than regular community fish. My advice is buy a book on Cichlids. And most of all, Have Fun!!
Fish Kept: 2 x Convict Cichlids (black/brown and light vertical stripes), 2 x Electric Yellow Cichlids, 2 x Electric Blue Cichlids, 2 x Kribinisi Cichlids (light w/ dark horizontal stripes), and an Orange Zebra Cichlid.
Corals/Plants: n/a
Tank Size: 46 gallons
Quote: All You Need Is Love
About Yourself: My husband and I have kept and aquarium for around 6 years now. We started with a freshwater tank with tropical community fish (guppys, plattys etc.). Now, as you can see we have a Cichlid tank.


PURE AWSOME. i love the sphyx in the background, and the castle type thing is a really nice touch. you should add some colerful fish to it to make it a bit better. and the flag was a great idea, i might have to steal it...MUAHAHAHAHHA!!! (just kidding) fish avatar


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