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State: New York
Country: United States
Description: 100 gal planted freshwater tank with two large powerheads running undergravel filter, two canister filters with max 275 gal combined capacity, and four 65 watt VHO flourescents run 8-10 hours per day. Soil is a mix of mediums averaging about four inches deep. There is a moderate current that provides excercise for fish and circulation for the plants.
Advice: Try live plants and make sure you have adequate lighting, and over-do the biological filtration. You will need to clean less often and you'll have a more stable ecosystem.
Fish Kept: 14 inch arawana, 3 8-10 inch Florida spotted gars, 2 eight inch hydro gars, 2 7 inch weather loaches, 1 6 inch talapia.
Corals/Plants: Large, medium, and small anubias, java fern, java moss, Amazon sword, and a few kinds of other medium to small nice plants.
Tank Size: 100 gallons
Quote: "respect my authoritae!" South Park
About Yourself: My father is a geology professor who helped origonate the idea of plate techtonics, my stepmother is a marine biologist who introduced me to freshwater fishtanks when she was studying crayfish behavior(she was far from the sea as we moved to Ithaca NY when I was ten). I used to raise fish I caught in the local streams and ponds. I buried flat rocks in the front corners of my tank and watched as the crayfish created their burrows, and then I was able to watch them as I had set it up so I would be able to see into their homes. I would return fish and crayfish to the stream when I went away for trips and when they got too big. I'm a respiratory therapist, I have an eight year old son, and we're both into fishtanks and N-scale trains.


Nice tank layout, very good job not to over the top with plants very open feel to it. fish avatar
fantastic...I really love those gars fish avatar
red brush algae or not your tank looks great! fish avatar
pretty cool where did you get the gar at? fish avatar


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