Photo #0 - Lots Of Fish Having A Great Day

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Photo Caption: Lots of fish having a great day

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State: North Carolina
Country: United States
Description: This is a 125 gallon tank. I have a lot of filtration on this tank. 3 canasters and 2 emporer 400's. I also have moon lighting as well as regular lighting.
Advice: The best advice I can give is filtration. The more filtration you have the more time you will spend looking at your fish than cleaning your tank. One other peice of advice, go big.
Fish Kept: Plecos, frontosa's, clown loache's, African catfish and a big assortment of ciclids
Corals/Plants: Alot of drift wood and river rock with fake plants
Tank Size: 125 gallons
Quote: The only way to have friends is to be one
About Yourself: I got into this hobby for the relaxation of it. There is nothing more relaxing than watching beautiful fish swim


Cool tank. I agree GO BIG!!! I had a 55, and as soon as it was set up, I wanted a 75. Now that I have thaT, I want a 150 fish avatar