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150 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - A new picture from 9-16-2010. Click for a clearer image for some reason the thumbnail is super blurry...

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State: South Dakota
Country: United States
Description: 150 gallon,lots of plants,sand rock and fish. digital temp guage 2 heaters 3 whisper double bag filters 2 ehiem canister filters, reactor 1000 for co2 sytem, powerhead 2 air pumps, lighting have 3 bulbs each half total 6. range from plant floral to white light to actinic blues for complete range of colors.Feed several times a day with multiple varieties food right down to live shrimp.
Advice: No multi colored fruity pebble looking substrate.
Fish Kept: Buenos ares tetra x 8 Black skirt tetra x 2 Lamp eye tetra x 5 rasorba tetra x 5 black neon tetra x 5 Red serpea tetra x 2 longfined red serpea tetra x 8 Zebra danios x 5 Longfined zebra danios x 10 Neon tetras x 40 Cardinal tetras x 2 Blood fin tetras x 4 scissor tail rasorba x 3 longfin black skirt tetras x 5 large angel fish x1 bumble bee goby x7 brown kukhli loach x 10 golden dojo x 1 golden algae eater x 2 algae eater x 3 horse face loach x 12 emerald cory catfish x 1( 10 years) Black white botia x 2 white black botia x 1 panda cory catfish x 1 spotted african high fin catfish x 1 spotted high fin pleco x 1 ghost shrimp x 30-40 depending on how many shrimp the angel fish ate!!! total 147 wonderful fat,colorful,happy fishies...
Corals/Plants: african swords, grass, some fern, sea sprite, pennywort, lily pads(soon)
Tank Size: 150 gallons
Quote: My wife is the best. :)
About Yourself: I grew up in the Caribbean lived on a sail boat for a while. Traveled all over there visting many islands. snorkel surf scurf scuba spear fish and cliff jumping, So I like fish.


Flagstone. fish avatar
Thanks everyone! The rock is slate and some fossilized wood. fish avatar
very nice what sort of rock is the wall made out off fish avatar


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