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State: California
Country: United States
Description: I call my plant tank, little greeny, because of the over growth of java moss in it. (I like it full of green, but no algae allowed!) My tank is a 25 gallon TruVue acrylic tank. Dimensions are 24"L x 13"W x 16"H. The lighting system is a duel compact fluorescent light from JBJ lighting with separate switches for each bulb. Bulbs used are 55watt Helios PL lamps; front is Grow Plus 8000k/7100k, back is Ultra Grow 12000k/8000k. Light needs to be on at least 10 to 12 hours a day, for adequate plant growth. I use an Extech digital light meter, after ten months of use on the bulbs, to make sure the light is always strong enough. Filtration for the tank is a Hagen Fluval 3Plus submersible filter used with ammo/carbon media. A Vortex diatom D-1 filter is used if and when an algae bloom appears. I also have a JBJ Submariner (a UV-C light filter) used as a back up to prevent diseases and bacteria blooms. Because my tank is heavily populated with plants, I use a natural dry yeast CO2 injection/diffusion system that I change every month along with the water change. The aquarium heater I use is a Marineland Visi-Therm Deluxe 75 watt heater, set to 72 degrees fahrenheit. Other equipment and products I use are; Seachem Flourite Red substrate, Coralife digital pH meter, Tetra Laborett Master Water test kit, Seachem Neutral Regulator to bring the water to 7 pH and PhosGuard for phosphate/silicate control, Seachem Flourish plant supplement, Seachem Flourish excel, organic carbon, when extra carbon is needed. Lastly a five stage reverse osmosis water filtration system is used for all the water that goes into the tank.
Advice: Number one rule is to never give up. I would recommend doing your research and planning first before any water goes into the tank such as; location of the tank (not a sunny room), size of tank, what kind of fish/plants/coral you want to keep. Look at the forums on this site!
Fish Kept: Fish: A pair of Fundulopanchax Gardneri (Killifish), Four Macrotocinclus affinis (Oto Cat), Two Corydoras paleatus (peppered Cory Cat)
Corals/Plants: Plants: My tank is mostly made up of microsorum pteropus and other types of java fern, grown on drift wood. Other plants are; Vesicularia dubyana or Java Moss(grown on drift wood), Acorus variegatus or Dwarf Green Acorus (Japanese Fan Grass), Riccia fluitas (Riccia) aka Crystalwort, Pelia (grown on drift wood), Cryptocoryne x willisii or Nevillii Crypt, Anubias nana or Dwarf Anubias, Echinodorus x Ozelot or Ozelot sword plant which is a hybrid between Echinodorus schlueteri 'Leopard' and Echinodorus barthii, Myriophyllum pinnatum or Myrio Green, Rotala macranda or Rotala Magenta (turns red with iron in the water), Ceratopteris thalictroides or Water Sprite aka Indian fern (also called water fairy), and lastly Vesicularia montagnei or Christmas Moss (which is one of my favorites because it is bright green in color)
Tank Size: 25 gallons
Quote: Nothing in life is certain except for death and taxes
About Yourself: My name is Michael Johnson and I live in Sunny Orange County California. I'm a recent graduate of the University of California Irvine with a BA in Economics, and plan on further study in accounting. I currently do not have a job, but I suppose this gives me more time to spend on my aquariums! I got into aquascaping, I guess through my brother the biologist, who is really into tropical plants. Growing up I've always loved nature, and an aquarium is a good way to create a mini habitat that will beautify your home. There is a certain feeling a joy and accomplishment when you work so hard to establish a functioning micro-ecosystem and everything works together. I think more people should get into the aquarium hobby because it will cause us to appreciate nature on a new level, and to perhaps move towards generations that care about the planet and the inevitable global warming predicament. Goal for the future: set up a 155 gallon reef tank


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