Photo #1 - 1st Real Planted Tank, About 3 Weeks In Now, Got ...

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Photo Caption: 1st real planted tank, about 3 weeks in now, got some decent growth and a few new plant additions. My fishes love all the new hiding places.
100 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - 1st real planted tank, about 3 weeks in now, got some decent growth and a few new plant additions. My fishes love all the new hiding places.
fish tank picture - Lat time, I swear, lol, time to let them grow =)
fish tank picture - Remodeling again!
fish tank picture - The beginning of this tank build. Mostly transferred from my 55 gallon, spare driftwood new sprouts of the 1-2 plants I had before.

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: It's a CORNER PENTAGON tank, so the measurements are 38"back x 10"side x 24" water depth. Roughly 106g but with aquascaping probably about 100g. For LIGHTING it has 2 x 65w spotlights putting out roughly 350w per light. For FILTRATION it's currently set up with 2 HOB filter units, one ranged for a 90g tank with bio-wheel and sponge prefilter, one rated for a 50g tank with sponge prefilter. Also using a powerhead with sponge prefilter as well. During the night I run an airpump/airstone system.
Advice: Never to old to learn new tricks =) Research, research, research!
Fish Kept: 3 veiled angels, 1 golden angel, 3 clown loaches, 1 black ghost knife, 5 chinese algae eaters, 8 corys( - 4 possibly False Julii, 4 green), 4 neon tetras, 4 zebra danio, 2 red tail shark, 6 varied guppys, 2 male-4 female, 7 green tiger barb, 6 clown tiger barb, 2 monster size common pleco. Whew!
Corals/Plants: Varied plants and styles, testing to see what grows well with my setup at the moment.
Tank Size: 100 gallons
About Yourself: Currently in construction, I seem to find that once I get home from a long day in the sun, it relaxes me to tinker a bit with my tank and then sit back and enjoy they're antics. Still Very new to the planted aquarium, though I've had my tank and fishes for a year with various additions over that time. Think I've done well as I can only count the losses on 1 hand. Any ideas, advice, would be much appreciated =)


how's the tank coming along bro? i knew you said you were having issues clearing up and polishing the water. once again, give "polyfilter" a shot. works amazing. i never did anything special to mine, i wish i had a better anser for you, lol. let me know how you are making out fish avatar


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