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Photo Caption: First pic, just got it set up after a 100 mile transport, down and up in a day with fish back in their home
54 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - First pic, just got it set up after a 100 mile transport, down and up in a day with fish back in their home

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Country: United Kingdom
Description: 2.5 X 2 X 2 rimless custom glass tank, travels with me between my uni adress and home every few months so constantly changes! Currently stocked with a black phantom angel, a 2 tone silver angel, 1 snakeskin gourami, 1 opal gourami, 1 lemon gourami, 1 pigeon blood discus, 9 black tetra, 5 golden tetra, 2 penguin tetra, 4 lampeye tetra, 10 kuli loach or so (breeding every while), a Asian stinging tetra, and a stunning longfin albino pleco (IMO). Have been running a tank for 10 years or so but only got more serious in the last few. Trying my hand at aquascaping and would love some feedback and tips! Working for a specialist aqua shop over the summer (building cabinets mostly as I'm a carpenter) but is a great opportunity to hone my aquarium knowledge and skills!
Advice: Start simple, and balance your tank with live plants to maintain happier fish! Nothing is quite as rewarding as maintaining a eco system and watching it thrive with minimal input because you have chosen the right plants and the right fish to go with them.
Corals/Plants: Will do later
Tank Size: 54 gallons
Quote: Shark bait oh, ah ah!
About Yourself: Started when I was around 11 years old with a all in one 36 litre micro tank with 6 neon tetra and a dumbo beta, have since changed tanks around 10 times and run multiple tanks, will only be showing my main tank and possibly my turtle stand (not sure if it counts but it's pretty cool) I am a carpenter by trade but have decided to roll with the times and so studying mechanical engineering.


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