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100 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - Tank front view
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Photo Caption: Tank front view
100 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - Tank front view

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Country: United Kingdom
Description: 450l tanks 151 x 61 x 80, I tried to go for a realy planted tank but with a buget not allowing for a co2 system this I about how far a can go. lots of bog wood on dark sand and dark background to make the fish and green of the plants realy stand out, Although photo's dont reflect this.
Advice: Fish tank is only 6 months old so I would say I am still new to the hobby myself, only advice I could give is research research research. look into what fish you can keep together and if there natural habitats are similar. Eg do like the similar ph levels etc. Other wise you can never keep them all happy and healthly I have found this out the hard way. With me I have gone for fish that perfer a ph on the lower side ( ph7 and lower) but my tap water is ph 8.5 and none of the chemicals I found would help as the water is to hard for them to lower the ph without it returning to a high level again. Solution I found was putting a fine netted bag of aquarium peat inside the filter. This softerns the water and lowers the ph. That on top of the amount of bog wood and plants keeps my water as i want it.
Fish Kept: well were to start heres what i can remember but maybe not spell lol, scissor tails, phantom tetras, cardinal tetras, silver shark, gourarmi normal + dwarf, odessa barbs, glowlight tetras, angel fish, discus, black ghost knifefish, aquatic frogs, comon plec, pim pictus, fire eel, weather loachs, kribs, wcmm, panda coridoras, ghost shrip......... think thats everything?
Corals/Plants: Assorted plants mainly on bog wood....
Tank Size: 100 gallons
Quote: I am only nipping out for some fish food (always come home with more fish) lol .
About Yourself: I have always liked fish as I find them realy relaxing to watch, started when my dad kept them when I was a kid. I started on my own when my girl friend wouldn't let me get a dog but said I could have a fish tank . think she regrets that now the living room wall can't be seen anymore and countless hours I spend looking after it and at my local fish store. which just for you info is ocean aquatics you can find them at ( they have helped me in every stage in the set up and up keep of my tank. so check them out..


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