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State: New York
Country: United States
Description: 28 gallon, all in one setup in a box thing. its all stock lighting (two - 25 watt or so "aquarium" bulbs, 206 fluval canister filter. *I set up my old 8 gal. acrylic tank downstairs with some guppies (just had babies) in it that I will post pics of soon. THANKS FOR LOOKING/VOTING!! any questions, just ask.
Advice: *More fish = more water changes* Over filter!! keep it clean. research the fish you put in. don't over crowd the tank. dont make your upkeep so much work that you dont enjoy the tank! have fun!
Fish Kept: School of 12 Neon Tetras & 2 Glow Light Tetras / 2 Julii Corydoras / 2 baby Black Angelfish / 1 Bamboo Shrimp / 3 Mystery Snails
Corals/Plants: All plastic plants, w/an under gravel air diffuser coming up through a plastic log fixture (looks really cool!).
Tank Size: 28 gallons
Quote: MmMm Fishsticks....
About Yourself: I'm 30 yrs old from NY. I've had this tank for 3 years or so. Previously an 8 gallon and a 2 gallon desk aquarium. If I knew I had a more permanent place for a larger tank, I would easily have a 100+ gallon right now. I love it. (I am getting the itch for a saltwater tank..bye bye $$$)


Hey this is a nice looking freshwater at==tank I love the Black Angels and Neons together. fish avatar
if you really want to get your water clean: POLYFILTER. the stuff is amazing. i had my 10 gallon lookin like pea soup 2-3 weeks into it. i did a 90% water change (not recommended) pea soup. polyfilter media in the two little filters, a week later. crystal clear. no exaggeration. it's amazing. it's not expensive either. fish avatar
Tank looks great boss! Plants look very life-like! Over filter eh? That's why your tank looks so clean and clear? I've always done my maintenance and water changes, never had my water look so clean really >< Just made me a nice diy canister filter for my tank, waiting for all seals to try and then I'll be golden! Hopefully lol. fish avatar


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