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Country: United Kingdom
Description: We have a 60 litre freshwater tank which is home to 2 beautiful dwarf gouramis, 2 baby ram cichlids, 2 white mollys, 7 harlequins, 5 rummy nose tetras and 5 platys. We have one swanky amazing T8 15W light. It is white. We also have some cool little blue, red and green lights that we turn on at night. These lights are LED's, just so ya know. :)
Advice: Always make sure your water quality is good. This is the first thing to test in any signs of trouble. Usually water quality is the route cause of any problems. ooh and don't over feed them because this can also cause problems, and don't overstock your tank with too many fishes. Happy Fishkeeping! :)
Fish Kept: We have kept many species of fish. Not all of them are still alive. Be careful when choosing your fish, they don't all get on like a house on fire.
Corals/Plants: We used to have some live plants but now we've got good old artificial ones again. They're sexier.
Quote: thou shall have a fishy on a little dishy
About Yourself: Me and my boyfriend Dave love our fishies :P Dave in particular. He is literally obsessed with them. He cares about them more than me lol We started becoming interested in fish after just popping into our fish shop in town. We thought they were really pretty so we decided to get some. At the time we didnt think it would be so complex keeping them but we soon learned and the more we learned about keeping fish the more we enjoyed it. And now we're both little fish freaks :P Beware, this hobby is addictive.


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