Photo #1 - Freshwater Planted Tank 50g #nextfisherman

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Photo Caption: Freshwater Planted Tank 50G #nextfisherman
50 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - Freshwater Planted Tank 50G #nextfisherman
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Country: India
Description: It's a 50 gallon freshwater tank (3foot). It's been set up for about an year now. I wanted to always have jungle tank and this tank was an attempt in creating one. It's got a variety of plants in there:1. Jungle Val2. Different types of annubis 3. Moss4. Tiger and red lilies5. Amazon swords etc.I run two sun-sun canister filters on it to ensure consistent water quality. I run 2 light systems - both sunsun again and my plants are thriving. I basically keep a lower watt lighting running for 8 hours and a higher watt lighting for 5 hours in between. My pH is maintained between 6.4 to 6.6 depending on the water changes. I do 10% water changes every 3-4 weeks.
Advice: Lots of advice possible, here are the top lessons learnt:1. If you want a planted tank, people normally would suggest that you buy all the equipment and then the plants. That works for most, but I was specific abt the plants I wanted... Which then determined the equipment I needed. But the key is to match plants to equipment you have.2. Never buy all the fish at once, it's very tempting to get all the fish you want. But never do that. Always buy fishes in batches (quarantine it) with at least 2 - 3 weeks gap.3. Buy fishes from the same dealer. This helps any cross contamination / risk of infections. 4. Invest in timers and auto dosing machines. It helps a lot in reducing regular maintenance work load.5. Discus fish keeping is not easy but not very hard as people make it look. People say that these fishes are very shy and don't eat flake food etc. I have had mine eating flake food from my hands. 6. Enjoy the hobby and spread the cheer :)
Fish Kept: Yellow Marlboro Discus, Red Turquoise Discus, Red Discus, Neon Tetra Jumbo, Siamese Algae Eater, German Gold Ram
Corals/Plants: It's got a variety of plants in there:1. Jungle Val2. Different types of annubis 3. Moss4. Tiger and red lilies5. Amazon swords etc.
Tank Size: 50 gallons


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