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Country: Canada
Description: My first aquarium. :)
Fish Kept: 1 male Betta, 2 Otocinclus
Corals/Plants: 3 plants and a decoration from Dollarama.
Tank Size: 4 gallons
About Yourself: My dad used to have an aquarium when I was a kid. :)


Okiimiru - Thank you for the information :) For now I'd rather stay with the gravel but I will definitely be more careful when I buy the next plants. I even asked the lady at the pet store why they kept on dying and she just told me to buy some "plant gro". :/ fish avatar
This Betta has a lovely home! fish avatar
Where did you get the candle diffuser? fish avatar
You could also just pick a plant that doesn't use the substrate. For example, anubias, java fern, bolbitis, and the mosses are tied to things aboveground instead of having their roots buried underground. That would let you keep the gravel and have living plants. Floating plants like azolla, water lettuce, and the liverwort riccia fluitans also exist and wouldn't care about your gravel. fish avatar
The plant is Cabomba caroliniana and the reason why it died is because it is incapable of growing in gravel. If you want it to live, you have to switch to a substrate that is finely grained and contains nutrients. Two examples are kitty litter (pure baked ground clay, like the "special kitty" brand) and soil capped with gravel. fish avatar
Thank you. :) I've been reading a lot to try to make him as happy as I possibly can. Unfortunately, my plants haven't been so lucky. :( I've been trying really hard to keep them healthy, but no matter what I do, they all seem to fall apart after a while. I would love to have a beautiful planted tank, but I don't know what else to do to keep them nice and healthy. I was never gifted with a green thumb and I'm afraid I will keep on killing every plant I ever buy. Any advice? fish avatar
Beautiful betta tank and beautiful betta. He looks happy. fish avatar


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