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Country: Sweden
Description: Size of aquarium: 480 liters, 160x50x60 cm Filters: 1 x Eheim Ytterfilter 2217 - Classic, 1000 l/t och 1 x Eheim Ytterfilter 2028 - Professional 2, 1050 l/t Air pump: Rena Air 200 Fluorescent lighting: 2 x Power-Glo 150 cm 58 w Heater: Jäger 300w, 29° Fitting: Own background, different kinds of roots, fabric plants and sometimes real plants. Material at bottom: Fine English sand
Advice: A lot of caring = Beautiful and prosperous Discus fishes
Fish Kept: 11 Discus ( 2 Blue Diamond, 2 Royal Blue, 1 Red Melon, 1 Golden Melon, 1 Rose Red, 1 Golden Candle, 1 Checkerboard pigeon, 1 Leopard, 1 Marlboro Red) 2 Ancistrus, 1 Gibbicept, 1 Platydoras costatus, 3 st Corydoras.
Corals/Plants: Most only fabric plants.
Tank Size: 127 gallons
About Yourself: I have had many aquariums and many different kinds of fish. As I have tried on new varieties and have experienced their different ways of playing and caring for their brood, curiosity has only become greater. And now it is only Discus!


Overall great. However i think it is too bright compared to the natural discus habitat. The background picture is also irrelevant i think. I would go for a darker background, denser vegetation and some large pieces of driftwood to give the water a brownish coloration. Otherwise, your fish seem in excellent condition. You obviously know what you are doing! fish avatar
Thank you very much morris and qphamdo! Yes, they are awesome fish, I love them! No special feeding. I change water very often and I think that helps a lot to the colors to be wonderful. Maybe the color of the background doing its relation to discus too. The sand is a very fine sand I've purchased in a common petshop store. Good luck with your Discus! fish avatar
Your Discus look AMAZING!!! Wonderfull colours!!. Any special feeding? Started with Discus, myself about 3 months ago, they are awesome fish. Trouble is, its very hard getting hold of decent A-Grade Disus here. Take care. fish avatar
superb i also have a discus setup.Beautiful set up great taste. very nice sand. what kind is that and where is it available:) fish avatar
Thank you Mike! I think they are so beautiful too! fish avatar
really nice setup, and the discus' bright colours look rerally cool with the background! fish avatar
Thank you! fish avatar
looks great, well done fish avatar


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