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State: Tennessee
Country: United States
Description: I combined 2 small reefs into this larger tank about a year ago. It is a 125 gallon reef tank with 58 gallon refugium with Chaetomorpha and a 6 inch sand bed that is lit opposite of the main tank, Aqua C ev-150 skimmer, home made Metal Halide lighting. Circulation is from a Sequence Dart pump on a closed loop. All corals are grown from Frags. None have ever been in the ocean. I have no mechanical filtration, only do weekly cleaning of the skimmer and 16 gallon water changes. The only additive is Kalkwasser with topoff water. All topoff water is processed by R.O. The transition from the 2 smaller tanks went very smoothly with not a single piece of livestock lost. So far it has been very successful and I hope it will remain so. Ther are no fancy chillers, controllers or other automatic stuff on it except for the timers on the lights.
Advice: Read, Read, and Read some more. Wetwebmedia has some great info on their site. Do not believe anyones advice if they are trying to sell you something.
Fish Kept: Percula Clown 12 years old. Yellow Tang 8 years old. Yellow Headed Sleeper Goby is about a year old as are the 6 Green Chromis
Corals/Plants: Sarcophyton that I fragged about 8 years ago, Mushrooms and other soft corals everywhere that came from a small frag rocks, Torch Coral that was Fragged locally and has now split into about 8 heads.
Tank Size: 125 gallons
Quote: Expect the worse and you are Never Disappointed
About Yourself: I have been keeping freshwater fish for 24 years, saltwater fish for about 20, and reefs for about 15 years. I still take a minimalists approach and subsribe to the theory of keeping it as simple as possible.


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