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State: Virginia
Country: United States
Description: Now i am up with 4 tanks with my planted 40 gal tank being the main display tank. i also have a 33gal long, 10 gal, 29 gal high. All of my tanks use live plants of some sort as a helpful filter. my main 40 gal tank has 2 sets of double tube T-5's that do most the work and a little 15W florescent for my morning and evening low light. also i use CO2 from fermentation at probably 1bubble every 5 sec or so. my lights are 6500K, 10,000K, and a full spectrum bulb to complete the full wave length from sun up to sun down. i also use Flourite iron, flourite flourish, KNO3, and KH2PO4 all done sparsely in my 40gal. i also use biozyme every so often and my filter contains Purigen by Seachem and a thick carbon pad by hbh.
Advice: I'm not by any means an expert at this, but as far as I've learned the light spectrum makes a big difference...ie - how hot the bulb is burning (5000K, 6500K, 10000K [K stands for Kelvins]) as far as Fluorescents are concerned. or 1.5+ watt per gal is a good start but thats probably a bare min.
Fish Kept: African leaf fish (leopard ctenopoma in a different tank), 10 harlequin rasbora, a Sparkling Gourami, and 3 misc. cory cat's,6 corydoras habrosus, 4 brilliant rasboras, a few otto's and unknown amount of pearl blue shrimp and a few red cherry shrimp.
Corals/Plants: i have are a Java Fern, flame moss,a few Bacopa Monnieri , Anacharis, Aglaonema simplex (Borneo Sword), Twisted Vallisneria , Red Temple, Ludwigia repens that i got from a pond down the street, Ludwigia repens x arcuata , Echinodorus parviflorus "Tropica", red tiger lotus, crypt. retospirals, and more now a days...
Tank Size: 40 gallons
Quote: Manifest creation that cant be touched, Now everything that was created came from a dream, from the depths of the ocean, or a mountian stream......were all connected, just connect the dots...(KottenMouth Kings)
About Yourself: I am a clerk at the ABC store (alcohol Beverage Control)


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